24 Ingenious Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas to Keep Kids Safe

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Above ground, pool fences are a necessity for anyone with kids. A child’s curiosity can get them into trouble, and a bad experience can damage a child’s self-esteem for years to come. For this reason, you need 24 above ground pool fence ideas that will ensure your safety.

1. Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas Using PVC Pipe and Lattice

above ground pool fence ideas

When kids swim, they love it. It is essential to consider installing a swimming pool in your backyard. However, the height of the collection can be harmful to children. While they love splashing around and playing in the water, they could hurt themselves if they jumped off the edge of the pool without supervision.

This PVC fence can help you keep your kids safe. Besides, it’s an easy and cheap way to keep them from splashing. It would help if you had some PVC pipes for the posts and lattice panels for the edge of the swimming pool. Assemble them and install them around the perimeter of the pool. You are good to go!

2. Pallet Pool Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

Pallet wood is an excellent material for building fences. It’s sturdy and can be turned into anything from a wall for your aboveground pool to a sturdy table.

This pool looks terrific with its pallet planks matching the deck. The homeowner might have added some planks to make it even more beautiful.

A pallet is an excellent material for building things. Before you work with it, you should make sure to remove all splinters and check that it’s not rotten. A top coat of polyurethane will help the object last for years.

3. Brown and White Pool Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

Some people think that a traditional pool is more elegant than a pool with a few inches of water. In reality, the opposite of the truth is true. This aboveground pool proves that there’s nothing wrong with a collection that’s just a few inches off the ground.

This pool is a unique feature of this particular home. By the time you’re done reading this article, it’s going to be the only pool that you see. It has a wooden deck and a pool with matching coloured fences to match the pool and terrace.

4. Glass and Bamboo Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

above ground pool fence ideas

The aboveground pool blends modern and traditional by incorporating bamboo panels on two sides. This privacy fence drives away all potential peeping toms. You can see the water from the deck and enjoy the view.

Before you build your backyard pool, you should install a solid fence. The bamboo panel is an excellent choice for the wall. It’s not just attractive, but it also keeps any water from splashing up, and the glass panels keep plants and trees away from the pavers. Besides, they let you enjoy the landscaping without worrying about damage to your plants.

5. Bamboo Panel with Lattice

above ground pool fence ideas

Swimming pool fences are not just for safety. They can also be a part of the backyard landscaping and improve its look. For this reason, many homeowners combine several patterns and materials to make their yards more beautiful.

This aboveground deck features a rectangular deck that is elevated. The homeowner uses bamboo panels to make a fence for the deck so that your children will not get a severe accident when running exuberantly.

To make your fence more appealing, you can add lattice to the bottom and top of the wall. This can make it look more beautiful. Some torches can also make it look more attractive.

6. Horizontal Fence with Shady Spot

above ground pool fence ideas

While relaxing by the pool is fun and relaxing, it’s not if you’re uncomfortable with the sun’s heat and rain. Your pool area can be shaded by adding a gazebo or other structure.

The weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to add a patio cover or umbrella. And since you have some extra money, you can afford to add a fence around your deck. It doesn’t have to be fancy, though. A wooden fence like this one will do the trick.

7. Aboveground Wooden Pool Deck with Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

This aboveground pool is like a dream come true. It gives you a breathtaking view of the forest when you swim in it, and it also gives you a place to lounge around.

You would benefit from taking safety seriously at all times. Even if you have a beautiful home, you should install a pool fence to protect your family and guests from any dangers. You do not want anything wrong to happen, do you? Thus, installing a pool fence is essential.

The pool has a matching fence so that it will not look out of place or mismatched. It is a simple detail, but it makes the collection even better. The owner also added trim on top of the fence to make it look even more elegant.

8. Metal Pool Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

The material of the fence is essential. It should be strong, stable, and elegant. Metal will be your best choice for a sturdy and luxurious wall.

A homeowner installed this aboveground pool deck in concrete finish and pavers. The homeowner also installed a white metal fence, which is famous for its sturdiness and durability. The panels next to the wall are an excellent privacy screen.

9. Pool Fence Panel with Lattice Trellis

above ground pool fence ideas

If your pool fence is covered in vines, you can use trellis to cover the entire thing. It’s a great privacy screen and a great way to make your pool fence look beautiful. You could also use it for climbing plants, but it might not be the best idea since it’s a little dangerous.

This swimming pool uses trellis fencing as its fence. This is a good match because the wall will serve the same purpose of keeping people out and also provide a nice look. If you train your favourite vine to climb up the trellis, it will work as both a barrier and a decorative element!

Once you plant the vines around the suitable trellis, you can grow plants with dazzling flowers to add colour to your tasteful images.

10. Mixed-material Pool Fence Ideas

above ground pool fence ideas

Why do I always have to stick to one kind of fence, especially when mixing and matching walls? This pool fence has shown me that you can mix and match different types of fences for your pool deck.

The fence looks like a rustic and contemporary design. Its wooden posts are installed vertically, giving the wall a well-worn look. The rustic wooden pallets contrast the pool’s traditional white colour and simple blue lines.

Sturdy wood planks top the rustic fence. They add a more contemporary look to the space but also provide safety and easy access. On the other side is a vinyl fence for extra protection and ease of use.

11. Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas without a Deck

above ground pool fence ideas

Having your feet in the water is a delightful idea. However, if you have no deck around your above ground pool, you can still enjoy eating and drinking poolside.

You don’t have to be afraid of the pool if you don’t have a pool deck. Even if the deck is gone, you can still be careful and considerate of your swimming pool’s safety. Kids are sneaky. They’ll get out of the pool at night when adults aren’t looking.

The pool is your backyard. You can’t let your kids swim in it without your permission. When you install a fence around the deck, you prevent your children from swimming in the pool without your permission.

12. Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas with Tiny Deck

above ground pool fence ideas

People with small pools do not have large budgets for collections, so they use small decks instead. They are cheaper to build and can achieve the same look as an enormous pool deck.

If you have a small pool deck, you should consider installing a pool fence. If your kids run around the deck, they can easily fall into the water. The result is an accident that a wall could’ve prevented. It’s a must for peace of mind.

13. Matching is Everything

above ground pool fence ideas

Those people who are all about matching will love this pool fence. It looks like it was designed to be a perfect match for the deck it’s attached to, but it also looks unique in its own right. This pool fence is almost like its own little piece of art.

If your fence is looking a little low, add more boards. This fence has horizontal planks that can be added and rearranged easily. The homeowner chose this option because he didn’t want to have to cut any boards.

14. Above ground Pool Fence in Contemporary Style

above ground pool fence ideas

Contemporary looks are both elegant and straightforward. A clean-lined look is characteristic, and furniture that’s all one colour or has no detail is a great way to achieve it. Furniture in contemporary-style doesn’t need much detail, and some of the essential characteristics include clean lines and a uniform colour palette.

If you’re really into the latest trends, you should consider adding a contemporary look to your above ground pool. This is an idea that will bring in the vibes to your collection.

This above ground pool is modern with a wood deck that looks like part of the landscape. The fence is made up of glass panels, so the collection looks like one piece of art. The owner can swim while blending in with the stunning scenery, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

15. An Above ground Pool With Spacious Deck Near the Hill

above ground pool fence ideas

Above ground, pools are affordable and offer plenty of benefits. One of the best aspects is that you can create a deck. This is a fun way to make your pool more enjoyable, as it adds space for more people and supplies a great view.

This area is very high, and it’s been a problem. Now you will be able to enjoy this nicely manicured yard. By installing a fence around the pool, you’ll be able to relax and not worry about the kids running off with your poolside furniture.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay attention to your children anymore. You still have to keep an eye on your children.

16. DIY Above-Ground Pool Fencing

above ground pool fence ideas

DIY projects are affordable, but they do require a certain amount of hard work. If you want to include a DIY project in your design, you can make a fence yourself. You can even make it out of recycled materials.

You can build a pool fence from wood and bamboo, just like the one you see here. Timber and bamboo pool fencing is easy to install and very sturdy. For a more durable finish, paint your fence with two coats of polyurethane.

17. Pool Fence Ideas on a Budget

above ground pool fence ideas

So many fancy and creative above ground pool fence ideas out there. Your budget and skills are essential to consider before you make a pool fence.

If you are not very creative and don’t have the money, don’t try to fix problems too difficult for you. The best solution for your situation might be something as simple as a wire screen.

Wire fences are more affordable than other types of privacy screens. They are made of braided steel wires that make them weather-resistant. This makes them an excellent choice for homeowners on a budget who want to create a private space.

18. Fiberglass Panel and PVC Pipe Pool Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

When you need a pool fence that serves double duty as a privacy screen, try this idea. You can use it to block the view of other residents from your patio and provide additional security with its built-in lockable gate.

For families with children, an above ground pool is an excellent alternative to expensive in-ground pools. For safety, an above ground pool should have a fence around it. This way, children can safely enjoy the water without having to worry about any accidents.

The pool is made from corrugated fibreglass and PVC pipes. The combination of both materials makes the collection look perfectly safe. The structure also looks fun and exciting, and it’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day.

19. Fence and Deck for Aboveground Pool in All-white

above ground pool fence ideas

You can match your pool with different colours and patterns. Some people like to match theirs with tiles. It’s a good idea to check out what’s trending and what others are doing. You never know, you might find something that you like, and it will make your pool look amazing.

If you’re looking for an above ground pool that looks clean and neat with an all-white finish, then this is a great choice. The pool’s gravels are also white to complement the design.

The homeowner installed white vinyl fencing around the pool because it’s simple, low cost and inexpensive to maintain. And more importantly, it matches the deck and pool.

20. An Above ground Pool Chain Fence

above ground pool fence ideas

Chain fences, which are famous for building fences around pools, are becoming an excellent solution for those who do not want to build a pool deck or want to make sure that they keep their kids and pets away from the pool. Just create a fence around your above ground pool.

21. Being United in Diversity

above ground pool fence ideas

If you want to make your above ground pool look different, there are many things you can do to make it unique. One way to do this is by making your collection stand out with unique patterns and materials. You can even paint it in bright colours to make it more fun.

This swimming pool features tall vertical panels, which means safety is ensured. Four wooden panels that stand between the high panels guarantee privacy and security. Under the deck are lattice panels that help you conceal flaws and forbidden areas.

The railing, wood, and lattice share the same pattern but are still painted white. The timber and lattice have a similar colour scheme, but the lattice is slightly lighter in tone.

22. Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas with Frosted Glass

above ground pool fence ideas

In today’s world, above ground pools are a must-have for any home. They provide a clean and simple design that is easy to maintain. This modern above ground pool features a frosted glass fence.

The clean-lined edges accentuate the modern flair immensely. The frosted glass fence not only hinders you from falling and getting into an accident but also blocks the view so you can feel secure.

23. Stylish Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

above ground pool fence ideas

A modern take on the traditional style, this above ground pool is a perfect blend of the two. The bamboo poles that line up vertically enhance the conventional mood of the space.

A clear glass fence is a seamless way to enjoy the backyard scenery while enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool. It’s an essential element to any backyard pool, but it also creates a sense of tranquillity and serenity that you won’t find anywhere else.

24. Clear Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

above ground pool fence ideas

Party decks are a great way to invite your friends over for a fun night. You can use this deck for a private event or a large gathering. You can even create a clear glass fence to separate the swimming area from the lounge. The fence also helps keep the lounge dry.

These are some awesome above-ground pool fence ideas that you and your kids can actually enjoy. They’re both fun and safe.

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