20 Clever Backyard Aquaponics Ideas to Grow Organic Greens and Fish

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It is not as difficult to build backyard aquaponics. Any space in your backyard can be used for the aquaponics system. You don’t need a great amount of room for a pond of fish and a bed of plants.

Aquaponics is a technique that combines farming and agriculture. Fish waste is used to fertilize plants, which in turn feed the fish. This system is mutually beneficial. The debris from the fish is toxic to the plants, but it’s also a natural fertilizer for them.

When the fish need water, they will turn on the water pump. The water is used again to feed the plants. The plants then use up the water before it can be toxic. This happens multiple times a day, which keeps the fish hydrated.

This system gives more benefits than growing plants in the ground, especially for suburban people who don’t have much time to care for their garden. What are you going to do about it? There are a lot of ideas to build your backyard aquaponics.

1. Rustic Backyard Aquaponics

backyard aquaponics

The house is a natural wonder, its backyard aquaponics a splendid sight. The best part of the house is the amazing view from the window, and the best part of the aquaponics system is the fish swimming in the water.

It features a rustic backyard aquaponics system that works with a fish tank and a greenhouse. The whole family can double their food intake by working together to cultivate a bounty of fresh produce.

2. DIY Enclosed Backyard Aquaponics

diy aquaponics

At your local garden center, are you planning to buy the fruits and vegetables you want? I’m pretty sure you don’t want some animal to eat the food you’re trying to grow.

You might be able to protect your vegetables until the harvest time comes with this backyard-aquaponic idea. You should have prepared the materials such as wood, lag screws, pond liner, and drain. Once you have them, grab your tools and get going.

The pond and veggie bed need to be built first before anything else. The bed size should be a little longer than the pond to make it sit perfectly. It would help if you layered the bed and the pond with black felt once you have them.

Next, fill the pond with water by spreading the pond liner around it. Attach the wooden frame on the top of the pond liner to cut off the excess liner.

If you want to install the drain in the middle of the bed, you have to grab the vegetable bed. Adding a cage enclosure is the last thing you need to do.

3. Mini Aquaponics Design

aquaponics design

The size of aquaponics doesn’t need to be big. If you only feed a few people, a small pond of fish and vegetable beds is all you need. There is a design that you can take as an example.

There are two small containers for vegetables and a pond underneath them. In the center of the vegetable garden, a drain will collect all of the water. It will then be returned to the pond.

You will see a pipe drain water from the pond to fertilize the plants if you look above the vegetable.

4. Green Backyard Aquaponics

backyard aquaponics

You can use this design if you are a vegetarian who consumes a lot of veggies. It will give you fresh vegetables to eat every day. The vegetable beds are made to float above the pond with a wood frame.

If you want to have some fish for your family or neighbors, you can use the pond for golden pet fish or other types of fish.

5. Shelves Aquaponic

aquaponics ideas

It’s an interesting thing that you can turn into a shelf for aquaponics! Sure, it’s great for storing books or other stuff, but it’s also the perfect tool for expanding your aquaponics setup.

If you experiment with this idea, you need to ensure that the shelves are safe for food growing. You need to put a plywood base under the first shelf once you have the brackets.

Use a gallon tank as the bottom shelf, a pump as the bottom shelf, and a hose as the bottom shelf. Put pipes from the pump into the upper bracket. Lastly, fill the shelves with Hydroton, then start planting.

6. Backyard Aquaponic Garden

aquaponic garden

This is a grow-in-ground garden that can be turned into an aquaponic garden. If you use the Aquaponics system, you don’t need to water or fertilize your garden. It would help if you allowed the pump to do most of the work in the park. You don’t need anything else, just feeding the fish.

This garden uses Hydroton, a medium that looks like a kernel, as a growing medium for plants. You don’t have to dig holes for plants to get your hand dirty. There are some vegetables and herbs that grow well on a grow bed.

7. Repurposing Bathtub

aquaponics systems

Consider growing a garden in an old bathtub if you have adequate room in your backyard. You can grow anything you like, and it’s easy to do. Aquaponics is the best way to start this project. It’s very simple, but lots of fun.

This backyard idea uses a bathtub as a garden bed, then rests in a pipe frame. The bathtub has a hole at the end so water can drain, making it an excellent grow bed.

There is a fishpond under the bed, which will give water for the herbs. Like another pond, it uses pond liner plastic with a layer of dumpster AstroTurf underneath to prevent the liner from holes.

8. Gravels Aquaponic System

aquaponics systems

This is a wooden pond that you can make in the backyard.

Under the garden bed is a small fishpond. The gravel ground is the perfect place for the fish to grow. The plants grow well in the bed, and you can see them in the morning glory.

9. Lush Greenery Aquaponics

backyard aquaponics ideas

In addition to growing fresh vegetables and fruits, you can pick them every day, and aquaponics is also a decorative item in your backyard. If you have a garden, you can use it to grow plants. It’s also a decorative item in your yard.

There are four pipes in the water. Some fish swim in the water while it rains down on them, but they enjoy it. The other pipe is for fertilizer. It’s connected to the water pipe. The greenery around the pond provides a great view.

10. DIY PVC Aquaponic Systems

diy aquaponics

This vertical garden system is so much easier than the horizontal one. You don’t need to layout your garden bed and plant your vegetables on it. Just set them up vertically on PVC pipe, and they grow.

To make the pipe bomb, first cut the pie into six pieces. Then, make two holes in the pipe. The holes should be 3 inches in diameter. For the ends of the pipe, make two 4-inch pieces for the ends out of another pipe. To hold the pieces together, use electrical tape to connect all of these cuts.

You can make a lot of holes in 1in diameter by cutting four pipes into the size you want. Place the holes vertically to the assembled pipe once you have done them. The plastic cups should be added to the 3in diameter holes.

Next, you need to take two drums, cut the top, and put the pipe together. Some fish and a water pump are necessary to complete the vertical aquaponics.

11. Backyard Aquaponic with Barrel

aquaponics ideas

The barrel is a great place to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

You can build your aquaponics system with barrels. You can create two vegetable beds by dividing a barrel into two and using one for the tank, as you can see above.

There is a water pump inside the barrel tank. The water will go through the garden barrels and be pumped up. The barrels can stand on their own with the help of a wooden frame.

12. Gardening in Aquaponic Kit

aquaponic garden

There is no need for a large place to install Aquaponic. It’s enough for a small backyard as long as the kits fit in. A limited area of the backyard is where you can build this example of an aquaponics idea.

You can buy the two kits instantly in the stores. One kit is used as a pond for fish, while the other is used as a garden bed. It uses pebbles as the growing medium instead of using Hydroton.

When you look to the left of the grow bed, you see a small pipe where the water flows. There is a pump placed in the pond. A bell siphon can drain the water in the bed on the opposite edge.

13. Netherland’s Backyard Aquaponics

backyard aquaponics ideas

The owner of this aquaponic system uses lava rocks to grow the plants instead of soil. The three tanks are connected in a way that the fish pond also works as a grow bed.

The idea of using lava rocks will save you a lot of space because you don’t need to use floating rafts. It’s a great idea to start your system with this idea.

14. Backyard Aquaponics Grow Bed

backyard aquaponics

It’s easy to grow a garden with grows bed aquaponics. When you don’t have time to make your own grow bed, you can buy one in a store and use it as a frame for the bed.

The grow beds for the system are supported by two wooden frames. The mattress has a lot of holes, so you can put a plastic cup in each of them to grow your plants.

15. Wooden Panel Grow Bed

backyard aquaponic

The owner created a grow bed from wood panels and covered it with black felt. He then used bamboo to secure the felt to the wood panels.

The designer arranged the woods into a beautiful, minimalist design. Then he placed the cups into holes bored into the wood. He agreed to these cups to hold several plants. This design is just as effective as other modern grow beds.

16. Steel Barrel Pond

aquaponics design

You have a steel barrel at home. Now you can grow plants inside it. It’s easy to build an aquaponic system, but it has to be designed right. You should take into account the height of your aquarium and the length of the growing beds.

It would help if you made holes at the edge of the vegetable container to allow water to drain back into the pond. Above the fishpond is where you should place it. You might want to use a steel bar frame to support the vegetable container.

17. Backyard Aquaponics Farm

backyard aquaponics ideas

If you have a large backyard, do not let it be neglected. If you want to make money from the garden, you can build an Aquaponic garden. Aquaponics has low maintenance, which is different from farming on the ground. Even on busy days, you can still grow plants.

You don’t need to fertilize the plants you grow in the system because they receive nutrition from fish waste. The hardest thing in this world is changing the water of a fish pond. You need to feed the fish, clean the pond and keep it clean.

18. Aquarium with Backyard Aquaponics

aquaponics design

You can easily make this idea work in your backyard if you love watching fish swim in a glass aquarium. You can see them swimming in the tank inside the glass, and they not only make a great way to feed the plants.

Use the aquarium as a planter to grow your plants. The aquarium is large enough to fit six plants, so you can easily create your little garden on top of it.

19. Vertical Backyard Aquaponics Ideas

aquaponics ideas

When your backyard is full of stuff, go vertical. You can have a beautiful pond that’s just as much fun as a normal garden. Plants can be grown vertically in this new style of gardening.

It will help put the flora felt pro system on the wall to have a vertical garden. You have to put a fish tank under the installation because it will be incomplete without fish.

You can set up the watering system. Make sure to use the water pump and refill the tank after you’re done. Then, arrange the flora felt grow buns on the flora felt pro system.

20. Fish Tank and Backyard Aquaponics

backyard aquaponic

Let’s get ready to grow some vegetables, herbs, and strawberries in each container!

If you want to grow three different plants in separate containers, you should buy this system. The water cycle can happen easily because each grows bed has its pond below it.

If you want to improve your family’s health, you can build a backyard aquaponics system. Are you ready to make your system? These 20 backyard aquaponics ideas were all tested in my backyard.

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