22 Amazing Backyard Gym Ideas to Make You Fit in Your Own Backyard

Gyms have all the tools for working out, but you don’t use them all, do you? Why not build your backyard gym and add your favorite tools? With the backyard gym ideas, you can always have the equipment you want.

Many of the tools that are needed in a gym are easy to make. It’s easy to build your backyard gym with the tools you have around the house. You can have a place for all your equipment, so you won’t have to buy any new gear when you want to get back into shape.

Best Backyard Gym Ideas to Get You Started

backyard gym ideas

It is easy to purchase gym equipment and other fitness materials. But it is challenging to build a place where you could store and use them. If you’re planning on making your backyard gym soon, here are some ideas that you can explore.

In this post, we’ve collected 22 must-have pieces of equipment for the backyard gym ideas. We hope you liked our ideas.

1. Build Monkey Bars

backyard gym ideas

It may appear that children are just taking a break by climbing on the monkey bars, but they are using the tool to develop their upper body and core strength. Surprisingly, it would help if you used the taller monkey bars for this exercise.

You can make monkey bars with iron or pipes. Some people prefer iron, but it takes more time and money to make monkey bars that way. Pipe fittings are easier to use than iron fittings. You need to screw each connection together to make sure the connection is safe.

With enough space, this piece of equipment can be attached to the ceiling or set on legs and used as a freestanding set of monkey bars.

2. Outdoor Bodyweight Fitness

outdoor gym ideas

If you want to look good, you have to work out. The only equipment you need is the one outside. You build your outdoor bodyweight gym with these outdoor exercises, and you can do several workouts.

A pull-up bar is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to build up their upper body strength. With this wooden frame, you can achieve this goal in your backyard.

3. Adjustable Gymnastic Bar

backyard gym ideas

Why buy two gym equipment when you can make one that can be used by adults and kids alike? This bar is an example of how kids and adults can use the same equipment.

You can adjust the height of this gym equipment with the screw on each side. You or your kids can easily change the size of this training equipment to fit your needs.

Adjustable bars are the perfect choice for setting up any gymnastic apparatus in your backyard. If you’re interested in building them, here are a few tips to help you.

First, you need to build the base. You will need two 5-foot pipe sections and three 4-foot pipes. You will also need a 30- to 60-degree elbow connector for the middle pipe and a socket tee fitting on each long pipe.

Next, insert two short pipes on each screw tee as the support. Insert another 30 to 60-degree screw tree into the end of each pipe. Insert two long pipes through the screw tees in a vertical position.

Attach a 4-foot pipe to a vertical bar, then attach a single socket tee at each end. Attach a horizontal pipe to the sockets and screws it in place.

4. Sturdy Patio Weightlifting

outdoor gym ideas

A little extra exercise will help you lose weight. The adjustable height of this weight lifting platform is a beautiful feature. You can use it to do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and more. The bars are made of stainless steel for strength.

A rack is a place where weights are stored. So, a rack weight is a weight that’s stored in a rack. A weight lay down next to the weightlifting to easily change the weight and organize the plate well.

5. Pipe Squat Rack

outdoor gym ideas

There are many squat racks in the gym, but not many in the backyard. This workout tool’s price, size, and weight are why it is so hard to find at home.

Although you need to be crafty to make your squat rack, it’s a lot cheaper and lighter than a commercial one. You can get a bunch of pipes and fittings at the hardware store and build your squat rack for a lot less.

6. Homemade Parallettes

backyard gym ideas

If you’re looking for a more accessible option than parallel bars, Parallettes may be a good choice for you. They use PVC pipes, which are light in weight and easy to disassemble and reassemble so that you can move them quickly.

This project consists of PVC pipes, four 90-degree elbows, four tee junctions, and eight end cups to make a PVC pipe tree. You’ll also need to cut the pipes into 24-inch lengths, 8 inches, and 5 inches. The final step is to assemble the Parallettes into a tree shape.

7. Train Your Balance

outdoor gym ideas

This new exercise equipment looks more like a toy than something you would use to work out. Nevertheless, the balance board is designed to be used on top of a pipe frame. It is very challenging to keep your body balanced on the board while you are working out.

This project will require some elbow joints and some tee joints. You can build this frame with your kids or friends. The bottom of the frame is made of wood. Then, you can cover it with some old clothes or sheets.

8. Industrial Weight Rack

backyard gym ideas

Not all garbage bags are created equal. Here’s a clever way to keep your weights well organized in your backyard. This industrial weight rack is perfect for keeping the weights well organized in the backyard.

An easy way to build a frame is to put a 3-way elbow between two pieces of pipe. Next, add a few cinder blocks to the bottom of the frame.

9. Ninja Tree Climbers

outdoor gym ideas

If you want a ninja gym in your backyard, make sure you have a big tree, and this ninja tree climber will let your kids climb and have fun. It’s a great way to exercise, and it’s good for their physical development. It builds muscle strength and hand-eye coordination.

The nylon rope is essential for safe climbing. The rock climbing gear harness helps you to be in a place that’s comfortable and safe. The tree climber should not be far from the others for safety and convenience.

10. Speed Volleyball Station

backyard gym ideas

Instead of getting on the treadmill, use the speed volleyball station at your home office. It allows you to build speed, hand and eye coordination, and strength.

First, put up a frame using pipes like in the picture. Then, attach bungee cords to the frame so that the ball won’t bounce out of control when you practice volleyball. Finally, attach the volleyball net to the wall.

11. Parkour Structure

outdoor gym ideas

Are you thinking of starting your home gym? If you are, consider building this parkour structure. It is easy-to-build gym equipment that can help you get in shape.

You can create a dip station by using a square as the base. There is no need for a specific size since you can customize it to your needs. The ability to transform it from a court to a dip station includes the use of a pipe.

12. Backyard Jungle Gym

outdoor gym ideas

If you have a big backyard, why not build a jungle gym? It allows you to work out. You can also use it with friends to exercise together or even do several works out. You can make your bar as long or as short as you want, but the important thing is that you have a bar.

Posts are the main things you need to pay attention to. Please make sure you post them deep enough in the ground, so they can give your site a strong framework and support your weight.

Once the frame is in place, adjust the bars to the position you want them in, then lock them down with clamps.

13. Freestanding Pull Up

backyard gym ideas

There are many kinds of pull-up bars, but the freestanding ones are the best of them all. All the others need additional accessories like ropes, straps, and other devices to work. With a pipe like this, you can make a virtual pull-up bar at home. It is easy to put together and disassemble into its original shape.

The first step of the project starts with a rectangular base and supports. The first step is to connect two long pipes on each side of the tee. Then another two supports go on top of the tee to give it extra strength and stability.

14. Crazy Leg Raise

backyard gym ideas

This exercise machine looks crazy because of the crazy design. There are so many pipes that it seems more like a robot. However, it does function as the other leg raise.

15. Dip Station Gym Ideas

backyard gym ideas

A wooden dip station bar that uses mostly 2x4s to construct it. These bars are best to build your hand strength. Some bars rest in the circle cut right where the circular cuts meet to form the dip stations. There are collar fittings that prevent the bars from moving.

This dip station has three horizontal bars at the top. The bars connect using flanges. The bars also provide additional support to the structure and allow for the use of a pull-up bar.

16. Tarzan Ropes Outdoor Gym Ideas

outdoor gym ideas

Build your strength with these Tarzan ropes. This Tarzan rope is a perfect training rope for those who want to learn to do a pull-up. The rope has a foam cover that protects it from getting damaged, and it’s also easy to carry around.

There are several horizontal bars at the top of the frame that you can use as a monkey bar. Some others on the left and right sides of the frame are step-like elements to help you reach the top.

Besides the Tarzan rope, there are other climbing nets that you can use to train your balance and speed. Some 3 in 1 polymetric box are also available to jump exercise to train your legs.

17. Dojo Outdoor Gym Ideas

outdoor gym ideas

Stay in shape in the great outdoors. This dojo is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in shape while there is no need to worry about the weather. Some items such as punching bags and sandbags are hanging on the front side.

The dojo is a martial arts school, but you only practice self-defense there. It is possible to add a few extra items to your training. For instance, nunchaku or dumbbells can help you get in shape and learn new moves.

18. Three Levels Backyard Pull Up Bar

backyard gym ideas

There are countless kinds of pull up bars you can install in your backyard. One of them is this frame-less frame. You’ll need to drive posts into the ground to create a freestanding frame.

To prevent the pull-up bar from moving, cut six pieces of wood and attach them to the frame at different heights. Or, if the push-up bar doesn’t move, you can add some collars to the frame.

19. Climbing Pegboard Outdoor Gym

outdoor gym ideas

Climbable pegboard is a great choice for homes with small or large backyards. Pegboard is a great space saver and works well for climbing. It uses plywood to hold up its pegboard.

In the future, you should use dowels to make holes in the wood. You should also have two dowels to help you reach each hole and climb freely from your hands. This equipment is a great strength tool for building strength in your hands.

20. Children’s Gymnastic Backyard Gym

backyard gym ideas

Introduce your kids to gymnastics early. By doing so, you will give them a chance to develop their social skills and increase their bodies’ strength before they start young sports.

This brightly colored gym is perfect for your backyard. It’s so bright and colorful, and it’s easy to spot wherever you are. It brings the joy of the sport to your home, and it’s so easy to spot because of its bright colors.

A variety of items are available at the gym that allows children to play rather than exercise. They might think it’s a game rather than a workout.

21. Homemade Nexersys Gym Ideas

gym ideas

If you’re a fitness fan, you should consider getting Nexersys for your backyard. This DIY workout equipment is great if you want to work out with no hassle. Nexersys is a little strange, but it works like any other Nexersys.

To build your stand, you must first assemble your pipes and fittings. Attach some pads to the frame. Each pad contains a pressure sensor that will sense a hit when a bat strikes it.

22. Punching Bag Outdoor Gym

outdoor gym ideas

If you’re trying to make nexersys by hand, this is the best option for you. The price is low, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy the materials. However, this is not a good option if you’re making nexersys in bulk.

When you make your punching bag, you’ll be able to control the amount of weight you’re going to put on it. Next, you only need to find a place strong enough to hold its weight. It can be hung on a tree or build a simple stand for it.

These 22 simple ideas for bringing the gym into the backyard are worth giving a try.

If you want to have a healthy body, you don’t need expensive equipment. It’s all about making low-cost ones so you can get a healthier body. Have you decided which one of these backyard gym ideas you would like to try out?

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