20 Chicken Fence Ideas That Will Keep Your Chickens Safe

All chicken owners face the same problem: letting their chickens roam freely without disturbing or getting disturbed. It is mainly for chicken owners who are aware of their birds’ tendency for exploration. Understand the matter, and you will find some chicken fence ideas here.

If you are a breeder yourself, you will want to have a chicken fence. For the sake of your chickens, you will benefit from this fence.

A chicken fence is a handy tool for homeowners trying to keep chickens out of their gardens. It is made of galvanized steel fencing that can be used to enclose small areas. This prevents chickens from reaching the plants and mulch and keeps them safely in the chicken coop.

You should install a fence to keep your chickens safe. There are many factors involved in deciding what type of fence to use. These factors include the types of housing you plan to build, the predators around your area, and the climate in your area.

This article will teach you how to build a chicken fence for your garden. The wall will keep out predators and keep in your chickens. You’ll also learn about some fencing ideas from the garden.

The Chicken Fence for Keeping Predators Away

To keep out predators, you could spend extra money on building materials and a skilled crew so that your home’s security can be safer. That way, you’ll spend less money on aesthetic things and more money on the best material to use and the best installation ideas.

1. Chicken Fence Ideas using Electric Nets

chicken fence ideas

As I sit here watching the deer nibble on the overgrown weeds in my garden, I’m thinking about everything I can do with this new electric net fence.

It’s portable and self-contained. This makes it simple to install almost anywhere. It’s powered by electricity, allowing you to keep away predators such as coyotes and foxes.

This type of fence is the perfect choice for those looking to fertilize new garden plots or rotate free-range areas. It is beneficial for urbanites who want to raise their animals and grow their produce.

The disadvantages of electric net fencing are:

  • The net needs regular maintenance to keep it from becoming deformed. Because it is constantly being used, it has to be repaired and maintained regularly. If it isn’t, a predator may quickly jump over it.
  • The light doesn’t require a power source so it won’t be affected by power outages and
  • Whenever you want to reduce your electricity bills, you should install a solar panel. But it is the best choice for saving money if you compare it with other options. It is the most effective type of solar power that can save your money and the environment.

2. Hardware Cloth

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The most expensive type of chicken coop fencing is the metal mesh. It is usually used for high-value fowl like ducks, geese, and turkeys. Therefore, to save money on the installation, you can use fabric fencing. Just make sure you don’t install any wood or plastic mesh on your windows to avoid scratching the glass.

If you’re concerned about gaps in your coop, the easiest solution is to install hardware cloth over those spots and then caulk the edges.

Though the price is high, some chicken breeders still prefer hardware cloth over any other type of fencing in terms of protection from predators. When it is installed, the entire run will be as safe as a closed coop. A must-have for chicken breeders who want to keep their chickens safe and secure at all times.

3. Wood Chicken Fence

chicken fence ideas

Unlike the previous two types of fences, the wood ones are versatile. Aside from serving as a fence, wood fences could also beautify your backyard garden as decoration. They are commonly used in breeding as a natural resource for many breeders since they can be found everywhere affordably.

The fence you build around your yard will determine how effective it is. The taller the wall, the greater its protection. A taller fence can keep out larger animals, like dogs, raccoons, and foxes. In addition to keeping out larger animals, a towering wall keeps out smaller ones like rabbits and squirrels.

All fences have the same purpose: to keep chickens in their enclosure. The longer the wall, the more expensive it is to build. The shorter the wall, the more difficult it is to develop and maintain. Because of this, many farmers choose to use a more temporary fence that costs less to build but still keeps chickens contained.

The downsides of wood fences are:

  • To install the equipment, you must hire experts, which costs more than you’d like.
  • To get the most out of your outdoor furniture, you need to maintain it. Consider staining it as a part of garden decoration.
  • Once it was installed, it was impossible to rearrange.
    Nevertheless, wood fencing is the best choice if you intend to permanently make the chicken coop an element of your backyard landscape.

4. Chicken Fencing Ideas using Chain-Link

chicken fence ideas

A chicken fence is an animal fence made from a metal chain link fence. Private and public breeders commonly use it to keep their chickens and other poultry in a reasonable range. However, many private and public breeders use it to protect their chickens and other poultry against trespassing.

If you want to protect your chickens, you should consider using chain-link fencing. It is a magical tool that will protect your chickens while protecting your neighbours’ flowerbeds and mulched gardens. Costly though it may be, it is well worth the price. Not only will it protect your chickens, but it will also act as a barrier to your lawn.

Keeping Chickens Inside A Fence

Unlike the previous fences, you will need a simpler and more affordable one to keep chickens. The reason for this is that it works only to keep them inside the wall, nothing else. You would not need a high and robust fence because they are not going to go anywhere anyway.

However, sturdiness and durability might be a problem. Chickens are more concerned about the height of the fence and whether it makes them feel secure.

5. Hog Wire Chicken Fencing Ideas

chicken fence ideas

Hog wire was thought to be a bad idea when it came to keeping chickens from escaping. It was also believed that the significant gaps between the strands would be a big problem for chicks. Hog wire was also dangerous for small predators, like snakes, weasels, rats, and mice.

Hog wire can be used to build permanent chicken coops that keep adult chickens confined in an area of the yard, especially during the afternoon. It’s not easy to rearrange once it’s installed, and that’s why it works so well as part of the backyard landscape.

Hog fencing is more expensive fencing that can be used with metal or natural wood posts. When hog fencing is utilized, you have to ensure that the seats are robust and secure. Furthermore, it is essential to use hog fencing with natural or metal posts to help tighten the fence.

6. Chicken Wire Fence

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Keeping chickens is easy with chicken wire. You can buy it inexpensively, and it’s easy to install. It keeps out critters, too. To keep animals out of your garden beds, make a hoop of chicken wire over the top of the bed.

It’s best to have metal posts or poles as supports for your wireless signal, which is common to support the wire. For installation it doesn’t require any hardware or complicated tools. You could do the process yourself.

Hanging chicken wire on the posts is easy. After that, you can use a rubber mallet to pound the chicken wire into the ground. Metal post systems are great because they are easy to move around once installed.

Garden Fence can be used as Chicken Fence

The possibilities for chicken fencing ideas are limitless. We can talk about the different materials, styles and designs, colours and patterns, and heights.

In a landscape design, some might think a fence is only suitable for keeping intruders out. However, it is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity. A fence in the backyard can be used as a beautiful piece of art in your landscape.

7. Green Plastic Garden Fence

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A chicken fence is an excellent tool for keeping chickens out of your garden. It can be found at most garden supply stores, but it is also available online at affordable prices. It is lightweight and flexible enough to adjust to your needs. You can trim it to custom lengths.

Plastic fencing is effective at keeping your chickens in, but it does not keep out predators. With the fence in place, it is still possible for predators to sneak in and tear the gaps. Mice can bite through the mesh, but so can raccoons and other critters.

Fencing of this type is suitable only for keeping livestock. They are only ideal for short distances, in places where you keep your animals, and the outside world is nearby.

8. Forest Garden Fence Railing

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Fences are a great way to help keep your chickens safe. This fence is no different. It protects your chickens from outside predators while also decorating your garden. It’s sturdy enough to keep out big animals like raccoons and bears but still looks great.

You can keep your young chicks in place with a secure fence. Installing it securely will prevent predators from getting in. Make sure the gaps aren’t too large and make sure even young chicks don’t slip through.

9. Steel Garden Fence

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The material that is most recommended for outdoor use is steel. It is also the most weather-resistant and does not corrode. An excellent option to have is a garden fence made of steel. This can be used for a boundary in the garden or as a marker for different areas.

In this case, the chicken run is a great idea. It is an excellent idea because it works as a barrier between the chicken coop and the garden. The chicken coop will be safe from predators, and the park will have fresh eggs to eat.

10. Scrolled Metal Garden Fence

chicken fence ideas

What makes the style vary from one situation to another? The building material and the design provide a sense of vintage for the garden fence. As a chicken fence, it indeed adds an element of class to the whole scale of the garden. This kind of fence keeps both the adult chickens in and provides a pleasing sight.

11. Recycling Plastics For Garden Fences

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The eco-friendly movement is growing. More and more people are trying to be as green as possible with their habits and choices. The innovative use of recycled plastic in creating fences for gardens is a great way to go green while not giving up on your garden.

If you use it to protect your chickens from predators, it is not just a stone that can be used to kill birds, but a weapon that can kill three birds with one stone! A chicken fence is much more than just a barrier. It is also a decorative addition to your garden, an environmental tool that protects your poultries and the earth.

12. Iron Garden Fence

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The most common use of iron in fencing is to protect the fence from rust. Rust is complicated to remove once it has formed, so protecting the wall against it is very important. If you use a non-rusting material for your chicken fence, you’ll have a practical and durable bag in the chicken run.

13. Artificial Green Screen

chicken fence ideas

This is a beautiful idea. Getting one is necessary if you already have a supportive fencing system, like simple posts, handrails, or panels. Then, it would help if you thought about getting an artificial ivy leaf hedge to go along with it. The fake wall doesn’t need constant care and time to grow like the natural hedge.

The mess your chickens create inside the run will be hidden from other people (unless they happen to be looking directly into the coop) by the colour changing, UV-protecting leaves. Your hens will be able to lay their eggs in safety and comfort all day long.

14. White Picket Fence

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This is another traditional and widespread type of fence used to separate one’s property from their neighbour’s. You should use it for its intended purpose if you use it for its traditional sense. If you are going to use it for anything other than its traditional purpose, you should not use it as a standard wooden fence.

15. Sliced Wood Fence

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Despite its versatility, wood is an excellent material when building chicken coops. On this page, we have already described timber as a chicken fence twice. We will try this for the third time.

Finding something simple to love can be challenging, but simplicity is a virtue, so one must try. For people who want to keep their sheep from wandering, a simple trick can work wonders.

16. Combination Garden Fence

chicken fence ideas

One idea is not enough. It would help if you had several ideas to make a good combination. Breeders! The fence in the picture above was designed to separate different types of chickens so they wouldn’t fight. As you can see, it is made of three materials: stone, metal, and wood. That means it is natural, sturdy, and versatile. There, you have the complete set!

Here are some other fences you might consider using if you have more than one type of chicken:

17. Modern Black Fence

chicken fence ideas

Use chicken wire to build a vegetable garden fence. If you’re growing vegetables next to a chicken coop, this fence will keep out your fowls. All you need to make the wall are some chicken wire and posts. The height of the wall should be two-thirds your height above the ground.

18. Branch Fencing

chicken fence ideas

If you are a natural beauty enthusiast, you will love this fencing. Put it higher than the one in the picture to prevent your chickens from jumping over the fence.

19. Rustic Tire Fence

chicken fence ideas

This is a very unusual thing to do in fencing, so don’t try it with your chickens. Here is a tip for those who want to go rustic, unique, and eco-friendly at the same time. Stack up many used tires and make a fence that won’t fall easily.

If you plant wildflowers in empty spaces or grow them on purpose, you will have a more natural and inviting landscape.

20. Patterned Log Fencing

chicken fence ideas

Another great idea is using a patterned fence. It’s not a mainstream thing, but it’s not a bad idea. Depending on the pattern, you could also keep your chickens in and save them from predators. Any material will do OK but go for logs to create natural fencing.

That’s it for the chicken fencing ideas we have for you. Now we have a few more things to help you decide. We can help you with your needs and budget, but of course, you know the best chicken fence will be yours!

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