21 Gorgeous Deck Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You

You have a small area in your backyard. You can use it to build a deck. It can be a place to spend time with friends or family while doing fun activities like barbecuing. You can also make it more comfortable by applying some attractive deck garden ideas.

A deck is a great place to build a garden. It is another use for spare space. Decks are great places to decorate with flowers and plants that make them look more beautiful and unique.

Having a garden is great. It’s also great for stress reduction, physical activity, and fresh air. You can use your yard to grow healthy food that you can eat, feed your family with what you grow, or use it for fun activities.

When most people don’t have enough space to build a garden in their backyard, they use their front yard to make a garden. You can choose the deck style for your yard and do some gardening. It will look incredible and attractive.

1. The Mini Tropical Lake

deck garden ideas

Finding deck garden ideas that are suitable for your outdoor space can be challenging. One good idea is to create a miniature tropical lake. You can utilize this concept if you have a large deck. Keep in mind that you need to build a fish pond and a water fountain. Near the fish pond, you can place some pots of tropical plants.

If you have a small space left in your deck, you can opt for a small fountain or a fishpond. You can get creative with the fishpond by using small galvanized tubs as the main structure of the fishpond. Fill these tubs with decorative rocks to make them look beautiful. You can also add some green leafy plants near the fishpond to complement the whole look.

2. The Woven Flower Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden ideas

One of the best deck garden ideas you can try is the woven flower. It’s easy to install and looks very attractive. Just put a metal or wooden flower rack in the corner or on the edge of the deck and fill it with small baskets where you can place the various plants.

To include a touch of the tropics into your landscape, grow tropical plants such as ferns, bamboo, or monstera. It will be highly colorful if you have a basket garden, and you’ll need to fill it with lots of colorful flowers.

3. The Pink Small Deck Garden

deck garden ideas

Some people choose to expand their house’s space in the loft, but you can still have your deck garden. How is it so? You need to make a left-hand walled deck garden. Then put forth the wall, and plant some sturdy and unique long pots on the other side.

Choose a flowery and leafy plant in the garden to give it a more beautiful and sweet atmosphere. Instead of a pink pot, you can use a red one to match the color of the flowers best. Put the plant with pink or red flowery and leafy plants.

4. The Wooden Small Box

deck garden ideas

Many people like to start gardening as a hobby. It’s a relaxing activity, and you can grow your food. To get started, it’s essential to plant your seeds in small wooden boxes. To make it easier, you can put these boxes on wooden floors or wooden benches.

Make sure that your seedlings are getting enough sunlight. You can tell if they are ready for you to transplant outside by how many weeks had passed from when you started germinating them. When your plant is ready, it will burst with blossoms and green leaves.

5. The Green Wall

deck garden ideas

Some people create a tropical atmosphere in their homes by decorating them with plants. The most efficient method for accomplishing this is to construct a deck garden stick wall. You do not need to be a professional because your deck may serve as your foundation.

You can use the idea of the green wall garden as a metaphor for a website that is packed with information. Many people will like to put panels on their websites to make them look dense. The best way to improve the visual effect is to choose plants with thick and luxurious leaves.

This idea is suitable for your green wall, and it’s good for your friends. You can use your green wall as a photo corner in your home, and you can also use your green wall to show off pictures of your friends while they visit.

6. The Cozy Corner Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden ideas

You have a beautiful deck area, but it doesn’t look as good as you want. Decks are meant to be used for relaxation and gathering with family and friends. What if you covered all the walls of the deck with a green leafy plant? It would completely change the appearance of the entire space.

Add some tiny potted plants to your living area to make it even more attractive. Place a few pieces of the same color in your area to give it that extra charm.

7. Simple Deck Garden Ideas with Asia’s Touch

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If you want to create a beautiful yard with an unusual look, bamboo is the right plant to use. It’s a versatile plant that can be used to decorate your home. Many people are familiar with bamboo is one of the most common plants used for home décor.

To make your deck look wider, place potted bamboo beside the wall. Bamboo is a great way to bring peace and refreshment to your outdoor living space. Consider using minimalist furniture with a primary color to add a natural touch.

8. The Boxes Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden ideas

Is it easier to maintain your deck garden with square cement pots? You can use one corner of your deck garden to plant your vegetables and flowers. For simple and easy maintenance, soil and fertilizer are necessary.

You can plant several seedlings or seeds. You might also grow a few small plants. To make your garden look attractive, you can paint the pot with a primary color. Maybe a pale green or purple would be good.

9. Rustic Classic Deck Garden

deck garden ideas

If you have a paved deck area, you can beautify it by creating a small garden. Make sure that you plant a plant or two in the corner so you can enjoy the garden for years to come.

You can also add a garden structure. With a simple rustic lantern, you are complete the appearance of your deck garden.

10. The Hidden Deck Garden Ideas

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Many of the decks in the neighborhood have been built with the front yard driveway as the backdrop. This kind of setting will give you different ideas and concepts to create a beautiful backyard deck garden. Placing small corals stones around the pathways will add a clean and neat touch.

Don’t forget to decorate the connection road between the deck and front yard. Don’t forget to plant fresh green grass over the connection road. Also, don’t forget about decorating the wall along the connection road with new green leafy plants.

11. The Village Style

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If you want to create a peaceful, calm, and enchanting atmosphere in your home, one of the best things you can do is replicate that environment. You can do this by placing objects made from wood, clay, or woven material in your home.

For example, place a wooden flower rack in the corner of your deck and fill it with potted small-sized flowery plants. You can also add some potted herbs to the shelves or plant them in the ground.

Also, add several hanging flower plants such as petunia, geranium, begonia, or even the sweet alyssum. The hanging flowers are not only visually appealing to look at, but they also help absorb sound.

12. The Unused Sweet Dresser

deck garden ideas

If you have already decorated your deck garden with lots of plants but want to add something new, you should try this idea. Try to place the unused items such as the dresser to make the space more attractive.

You can paint your dresser in any color you want. Put the drawers to good use by planting the pots with herbs and flowers that will make your room smell great. You can also put certain vines on the dresser’s feet.

13. The Minimalist Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden ideas

During the summer months, you can spend time with your family and friends outdoors. You should create a pleasant atmosphere and have dinner together. Try to make it as warm as possible. You can use yellow light bulbs to give the deck a cozy ambiance.

Your garden needs some colorful flowers, or at least a few plants with scents. If you’re lucky, you might have a few potted plants that are flowering for the season. This minimalist deck-garden idea is so simple and cost-effective that it’s also great for decorating and entertaining.

14. The Wooden Style

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Before you start with the rest of the deck, you can begin by building the pergola. Now, what kind of look do you like? A simple wooden deck with a pergola is just perfect for that. With the simple wood paneling, your deck will look more captivating and mesmerizing.

And then, you can place some potted plants in the wood panels and hang vines above the pergola. You can combine the vines with hanging flowers, such as petunias, or perhaps a bird garden.

15. The Simple Corner Garden with the Concrete Block

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There are many ways to use old cinder blocks at home. For example, you can use them as a decorative element on your deck or as a table’s feet, and you can also use them to create a beautiful and straightforward deck garden. You can place the cinder blocks above the table to increase its beauty.

A mini garden corner is one of the ways to improve the home interior. It’s easy to put it into any corner of the room, and it will create a very soothing atmosphere for the room. If you want to add an element of nature, you can use low plants to enhance its natural beauty.

16. The Mini Fence Garden

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If you are looking for a space-saving way to grow plants on your deck, you should consider this deck garden idea. You can create extra space in the top rails of the fence by removing a few boards and adding a few more.

If you want to create an impactful balcony garden with rails, start placing a few flower pots against the fence. You can plant your favorite plants or seeds. Then, layer some white pebbles on top of the soil and fertilizer mixture. If you want to add more flair, hang some potted plants from the balcony railing.

17. The Flowery Fence Ideas

deck garden ideas

If you’re looking to add color and beauty to your fence, try putting in some flowering vines and plants. Some good ones are the bougainvillea, yellow Jessamine, clock vines, rock trumpet, black-eyed Susan vine, and even the Mexican creeper.

To make your space appear full, we recommend that you place some lower potted plants on the edges of the garden. It will take some time, but you’ll get better value for money and service your guests well with perfect private human habitat.

18. The Simple Wooden Panels Garden

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It’s a great idea to use your new wooden panel as a base for your deck garden. You will be able to use it to construct a park, which is an excellent idea. You may also place some posts in clay pots containing certain types of grass or green leafy plants.

The wooden panels are great for window displays. You can place a small box on top of each of them. The size of the parcels is just as wide as the wooden panels. You can put bushes plants like azalea or blackthorn inside them.

19. The Stack Style

deck garden ideas

If you want to make your outdoor living space more inviting, you can add color and greenery. Metal flower racks are a great way to add color and some greenery. You can also use these as focal points for your design.

Choose different colored pots and fill them with various flowers or green leafy plants. Or, you can also choose a small size pot instead of the big one to make your deck garden looks neat and minimalist.

20. The Simple Pink Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden ideas

This option is suitable if you have a limited area remaining on your deck or balcony. Install a small bench and add a few potted pink flower plants in the corner. If possible, place a wooden box in the corner and fill it with some potted pink flowers.

Don’t forget to add soft blankets, carpets, and flowers. You want your customer to feel comfortable but also want them to feel like you’re listening. The best way to do this is to have a comfy couch, maybe even some lovely, fresh-cut flowers.

21. The Happy Yellow Garden

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Are you obsessed with yellow? Do you want to create a garden for your deck? You can use all yellow flowers or plants to decorate your yard. Don’t forget to put the plants in the same color pots.

It’s probably best if you choose a color like white, brown, or even yellow. If you have enough space, it would be nice to plant many different flowers in a wooden flower rack. Which of the deck garden ideas will work best for your yard?

If you want to create beautiful and perfect decks, you need to know the proper deck garden ideas. It would help if you also used plants that are appropriate for your deck. Remember to consider the type of plants that go well with your deck.

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