21 Great Fence Ideas to Hide Air Conditioner Unit from View

Installing a fence to hide air conditioner unit is a great way to make your outdoor area more appealing. Air conditioners can be an eyesore, especially when they’re in a flower garden. Installing a fence around a unit can hide it and make the area look prettier.

Want to make your home more appealing? You don’t have to remove or hide the AC unit. You can dress it up with something that would make it more appealing. Here are 21 fence ideas to hide air conditioner unit.

1. Simple Contemporary Fence with One Side

hide air conditioner unit

Many people use a single fence to cover an air conditioner unit. It seems simple, but it is the simplest way to design your outdoor space. The fence in the picture has a contemporary design that blends with the rest of your outdoor area.

AC units can be ugly. Rather than hiding them in a corner, they should be made part of the architecture. You can do this by building a fence around them. It will keep curious kids from getting hurt, but it will also add to the look of the house.

2. All Machines in One Cage

hide air conditioner unit

This structure is perfect for covering the propane tank. It is used to cover an AC unit. You might see a structure that covers a swimming pool. This structure is ideal for a house with a pool. It is also beneficial for storing all of the machinery in one location.

You can keep the outdoor stuff like the garden tools inside while you install the air conditioner unit. However, you can choose to modify the structure for just the air conditioner.

3. Hide Air Conditioner Unit with Simple Trellis

hide air conditioner unit

If you have an air conditioning unit in the middle of your garden, adding a fence might not support the beauty of your garden. How about dressing up that ugly element with some of the other elements of your garden? Like a trellis or vegetation screen? That way, you won’t even notice the air conditioning unit.

This is an innovative idea. It’s also a good budget option for decorating your garden space. Choose plants that can climb or grow vertically to integrate with the trellis. For example, beans can climb up the trellis.

4. Covering Low Fence with a Savvy Landscape

hide air conditioner unit

If you see an air conditioner in this picture, it was designed by an intelligent person. It’s not so beautiful if you see an air conditioner in the picture. Intelligent people know how to hide air conditioner unit from view not to ruin the scene’s beauty.

That tall fence makes the big air conditioning unit look small. The tall fence conceals the tall AC unit. But your eyes are drawn down the path of the fence, making it seem like it’s not there at all. The tall fence is simply a distraction that you can easily ignore.

5. Easy DIY Cover Fence

hide air conditioner unit

Installing an A/C unit in your house is a very affordable method to increase your home’s overall comfort. However, there are several more methods to alter the appearance of your outdoor space without installing any equipment. There are numerous alternatives available to you.

Making the fence for your garden does not require you to be a professional carpenter. You can make it yourself, using some easy-to-find materials. It does not require any tools or nails, as the wood planks stick together with a heavy-duty adhesive.

6. AC Unit Cover for Small Houses

hide air conditioner unit

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to hide your ugly air conditioner, why not make it part of your garden? The cover is cleverly designed with a roof and a door. This helps to hide air conditioner unit and makes the whole design look more attractive.

This flower pot is not so much beautiful. It’s more like a small house made of pottery. Many people would not know that there is an AC unit inside the pottery. What they do know is just the tiny decorative house in the middle of the garden.

7. Lattice AC Unit Cover

hide air conditioner unit

It is no wonder that the above structure is so popular. It has an exciting design that makes it look like a fence. Yet, it is there to cover up the AC unit. The openings in the structure are not big enough to let you see what’s inside. It seems like a real challenge to see what’s inside.

The air conditioner will remain unseen. It is a great focal point for your garden by the house. You can even plant climbing plants to grow all over the lattice screen. The fence will become one with the entire garden.

8. Fence Around AC Unit with Potted Plants

hide air conditioner unit

Adding a couple of potted plants to the front porch would add more curb appeal. Besides, the reclaimed wood fence is already looking great.

The rustic beauty of your outdoor space can make an excellent focal point. Instead of setting up a garden, you can use potted plants as a decorative option.

9. Smart AC Unit Cover

hide air conditioner unit

This fence is brilliant because of the structural system. Just look at how it’s been built. The screen is solid on one side, and spaced gates provide a way for airflow. It’s like giving the AC a place to stand. Even though it’s a lot smaller, the fence is still high compared to most screens.

This is a beautiful and functional book that you should consider buying for your office library. Its elegant and professional appearance makes it an excellent choice for any office setting. However, it will take professionals to install the screen, and it will cost you more than you planned.

10. Simple Modern Screen for Hiding Stuff

hide air conditioner unit

If you want a simple and effective screen to hide air conditioner unit, you’ll need to build it yourself. The best way to make a screen that doesn’t interfere with the machine is to make sure it’s small and lightweight. You’ll want this screen to be as simple as possible.

You can hide the air conditioner unit with this modern screen fence. This is something that you can build from scratch. You will need some basic woodworking skills to pull this off. Besides hiding the air conditioner, you can use this to keep the trash bin away from sight.

11. Decorative Wood Garden Structure

hide air conditioner unit

This construction is one of the most visually appealing methods to conceal an AC unit. You can see how attractive this structure is. It disguises the unit in a very aesthetically pleasing way. You have no idea there is a mechanism hidden behind that beautiful construction.

This small but cute house is an excellent addition to the backyard. It’s also straightforward to build. You can put it in the middle of your garden, or even in front of your house. It doesn’t have to be accessible for service, but you should plan for that if necessary.

12. Using a Paver Wall to Hide Air Conditioner Unit

hide air conditioner unit

You can use pavers to cover up your AC unit. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of woodworking, you can still find a way to hide air conditioner unit. The paver wall will work as a fence and keep your AC unit out of sight.

Now that you have created a cover for your AC unit, it looks like a fortress. You can hide the unit in the back of the room. It is fantastic to see how this cover saves you money on your utility bills.

13. Outdoor Vinyl Hide Air Conditioner Unit

hide air conditioner unit

This is a vinyl privacy screen that covers the AC unit. Your outdoor space will look so much more attractive with this screen. In your outdoor area, it’s also beneficial to keep other unsightly things hidden, like trash bins or propane tank machines.

You can buy this screen in the Wayfair online store. It is straightforward to install. To keep it stable, you do not need to drill holes or pour concrete. Put the posts into the ground to secure them, and you’re ready to go. The screen is made of stainless steel and PVC.

14. Premium Deluxe Privacy Screen

hide air conditioner unit

This privacy screen is a modern solution to a common problem in homes. It is a vinyl screen that looks just like a wooden box from a distance. Unlike the previous privacy screen, this one will cover everything from view, including ugly things. You will have no idea what is behind it!

One of the most important assets of this screen is the quality of the material. PVC vinyl is a premium quality type of vinyl that has been used for this product.

15. Huntersville AC Unit Fence Design

hide air conditioner unit

Wayfair has this fence cover. You need to purchase two of these fences. Two pieces of this fence cover will give you complete privacy if you do not have a tall house. Some people might think that one piece of the fence cover is not enough to hide air conditioner unit from view merely, but three pieces of the fence cover will work for hiding tall fences.

This fence is currently on sale at Wayfair. For only 83.99 dollars, you may purchase two parts of the screen.

16. Garden Folding Screen

hide air conditioner unit

Your garden design may have a few unsightly elements which you’d prefer not to see. You can use a screen to cover all the unsightly elements of your garden, so they don’t detract from the beauty and nature of your garden.

Having a garden screen in your garden will give your outdoor living space a new dimension. This garden screen is made up of four panels, and it has five posts. You can arrange these panels as per your need, and it will make a perfect backdrop to the garden area.

17. Simple Fence Using Premade Panels

hide air conditioner unit

Making the house beautiful would elevate the quality of the house design one level above ordinary. These panels would form a cover to remove the unsightly things away from sight. If you’re using premade panels, you can make this element easy to remove.

This coat of paint is the first step in the seven simple curb appeal ideas you should have for your home.

18. Clear Redwood Structure

hide air conditioner unit

This Air Conditioner cover is a great way to protect your unit from the elements. It covers the entire unit like a box, so you have to make sure to open it by removing the top cover for easy access.

The pebbles are the highlight of this idea. As you see, they’re between the redwood grounds that give all the attention to the structure.

19. Shutter Screen in Shabby Chic

hide air conditioner unit

Do you want to make your AC unit stand out? Use elegant, eye-catching shutters. They are also a great way to add decor to your home. You can use old shutters or buy new ones. If you decide to purchase new shutters, paint them in any color. The original rusty look of the shutters is also beautiful.

After that, you will have a screen with a unique rustic charm. The old shutters are pretty high for an air conditioner unit to cover. It may be evident that you’re concealing something. As a result, you must be creative in your environment decoration.

20. Balcony AC Unit Cover

hide air conditioner unit

This is an excellent design for a fence to conceal an air conditioner unit on a balcony. If you wish to finish the design of your balcony, it would be best to hide air conditioner unit.

The elements in the space must all be in harmony and connected. However, having machinery in the middle of it is not a good idea. This fence idea is something to consider. You can see that it’s a simple decorative fence that has a flower top over the unit.

21. Decorative Iron Structure

hide air conditioner unit

This structure looks like a building, but it’s an air conditioning unit. You can’t miss it. It’s a straightforward structure that makes the AC unit stand out. However, you can also use this iron structure to hold other decorative items.

The unit is not the focus of the room anymore. It doesn’t stand out as much since it blends with the white wall and is hidden by many decorative items. However, the AC unit still does its job without you even noticing it.


Hide air conditioner unit is easy once you know what kind of fence to use. It depends on what you want the space to be like, like wood, steel, or PVC vinyl. Regardless of the type of material used, if it is a good material that does its job well, you will have no problem with it.

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