20 Best Ideas of How to Hang String Lights in the Backyard

Are you looking for ideas on how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees? Enjoying the night view in the backyard is undoubtedly a blessing not anyone could get. For those who don’t have support systems, like trees, to hang string lights, you could prepare one yourself.

String lights are a beautiful way to provide ambience to any backyard. Whether you have trees or not, there is a way to hang string lights overhead. You can see 20 creative ways of how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees below. They are all beautiful and functional in their way.

1. Deck Handrail

how to hang string lights in the backyard

It’s incredible how an outdoor setting can create an intimate atmosphere yet remain comfortable and casual enough for grown-ups. However, this kind of atmosphere is only fantastic for decks without kids.

As the lighting is easy to reach, getting your skin in contact with hot bulbs will be annoying and hurtful. What if that happens to kids? You don’t even want to imagine.

2. Onto Decorations

how to hang string lights in the backyard

String lights are an excellent way to decorate any space. You can use them to create a festive atmosphere during the holidays or just for a fantastic party. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to add some new style to your lighting, try wrapping the cord around a wreath or other decorations. No matter what you choose, make sure that the line is neatly dressed, so no loose pieces hang around.

3. Using fabric

how to hang string lights

Do you believe that you can create a romantic atmosphere? Of course, if you know how to do it! This fabric is none other than sunshade sail used in old boats. It is thick and waterproof, which can create a romantic atmosphere.

Drape the fabric over a 2-meter high fence. Then, string lights along the material to create a romantic effect. Here, LED string lights create a dimmer glow, be more romantic, and look more natural.

4. Along a Fence

how to hang string lights

One of the easiest ways to hang string lights is by using a fence. You can put lights along your wall and create a soft glow in your whole backyard. This is an excellent way to lend intimacy to your outdoor space.

5. Wrap the Fence

outdoor string lights

Depending on the type of lighting, you could find a different way of hanging string lights. This is another example of how to turn them using wire fencing. The previous paragraph uses large bulbs on the strings draped along a longer fence, while this paragraph uses smaller lamps.

This is a creative idea, but it’s not practical. The best way to get more light is to use more sets of lights. That way, you’ll get the same effect as lighting only the front yard with a single set of lights. The only downside to this idea is that it looks messy. Nevertheless, if you like artistic things, this kind of mess is not a problem.

6. Suspended Using Fence

outdoor string lights

In the summertime, you will have the most exciting nights out with this excellent idea. By suspending string lights onto a fence, you will get a backyard full of flashlights.

Choose the tallest setting and let the strands go. You can adjust the height for each strand according to your preference. It will create the illusion of fireflies flying up and down.

7. Cross and Over Gazebo

hanging string lights

A beautiful backyard gazebo will be the perfect place for you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The excellent lighting in this space will make it just as relaxing as being on a cruise ship.

The lovely lighting you can choose from can be positioned across or over the seating area. This is a great way to take advantage of the beautiful night sky.

8. Starry Gazebo Ceiling

hanging string lights

String lights like these are something you could use to make your yearning heart of stars happy. All you need to do is use them in a gazebo or home like this one. To create this starry ceiling, you need to string them on the underside of the pavilion.

Check out some of the cool hot tub gazebo designs. These might inspire you to design a fabulous hot tub gazebo of your own.

9. Around Gazebo Top

how to hang string lights

With this idea, you’ve created a lovely outdoor living space. You can light it up with some twinkling string lights, which perfectly highlight the beauty of the pavilion’s design. If you wish to make the yard look more dramatic, you can also add some lamps to the yard that will lead visitors down to the pavilion.

10. Make Use of House Structure

how to hang string lights

Before you start to create a support system, take a look around your house and see if there is anything that could help you hang the end of the strings. For example, if your roof has an area that sticks out like the one in the picture, you can use that place to hold the end of the strings.

The other end of the string is in the customer service you provide. If you want to make your customers happy, you need to create a support system that works for them. It would help if you executed this plan as soon as possible to show your customers that you care.

11. On Covered Patio

outdoor string lights

Who needs real trees when you can have a covered outdoor patio with a roof? You can hang lights on this patio structure, and the result will be magnificent. Just like the one in the picture, all patios come with a roofing structure. So all you need to do is hang the lights on it.

You have a great patio. It’s covered, and it’s lit. Then, you notice that the hanging lights aren’t even touching the ground. What would you do? Everyone agrees that the zigzag design is the best choice for covering your entire patio. It creates a solid and clear pattern and ensures an adequate amount of lighting under the structure.

The pattern of the patio roof does not fit any ceiling fan. You should probably run the lights across the ceiling. First, measure the space where you will install the electrical outlet. You want the outlet to be reachable, so make sure it’s close to where you’ll be standing and working.

After that, think about what you’re going to do for your lights. You have a few options for anchoring them. You can use staples, nails, and adhesive hooks.

12. Under Pergola

outdoor string lights

Pergolas are an excellent addition to your backyard. It’s perfect for entertaining your family or having a party under it. It lets you do almost every activity in the yard, including playing volleyball and barbecuing. However, before you get started, make sure that you have outdoor lighting.

Some rope lighting would be perfect. You can string the strings from one side to another and let the middle hang down right above the dining table. Instead of being somewhere else, the lines could create an entirely new look and feel like you are in a completely different place while outdoors.

13. Imaginary Pergola Wall

hanging string lights

You are looking at another example of string lighting now. This one is made by linking together many strands of lights to make some glowing wall. Of course, the assumption depends on individual sight because some people might prefer to see it more like a wall of stars.

The fact that you feel anything at all about this issue is genuinely marvellous. But whether it is the wall of rain, you should do whatever you can to get rid of the annoying hanging strands.

14. Posts in Four Corners

hanging string lights

String lights are the most popular way to decorate your home for a party or get-together. This method requires four posts in each corner of your home. Align them at least a few feet apart from one another so that you have plenty of potential places to hang string lights. If you want to cover more ground, add more posts.

In this photo, the posts are planted in planters that are pushed back a little. If you have no farmers, move the seats around and make a few holes in the ground so the posts do not stand up straight. This gives your entire garden a slightly messy look.

Tools needed for this project are 16-foot pressure-treated 4×4 posts, Chooks to attach the lights to the seats, a ladder for hanging the lights, and a shovel. First, dig four holes, fit the posts into them, and make sure they form a square or rectangle altogether.

Next, insert the Chooks into the top of your post and hang the lights. Finally, place an electrical outlet near the tree before testing to ensure that you have enough power.

15. Posts in a Line

how to hang string lights

We discussed how to use planters or holes to keep your posts standing straight in the first idea. This time we’re going to talk about something different, though it’s still related to that. Instead of DIY solutions, you can tie your posts to a fence. It’s easier than you think.

16. Side Posts and Concrete

how to hang string lights

In the backyard, do you want to be rustic? The string lights should be hung with the assistance of two side posts. There are side posts that are an example. If you don’t want to use tree stems because they go against the idea, replace them with posts used before.

Your post doesn’t have to be about anything specific. What is important is the placement and support system of the posts. The strings were planted in a concrete bucket, and only two seats were used to hang them. You come up with another way to make them stay still.

17. Using Outdoor Privacy Screen

outdoor string lights

Private outdoor space can be achieved using a screen. It’s much cheaper than building a gazebo or Pergola. To make a lovely outdoor space feel more comfortable and personal, you can set up a screen. An excellent substitute for an arbour or Pergola is installing some rope lights.

18. Under Your Umbrella

outdoor string lights

Umbrella is a good choice for a small and intimate event. String lights give off a romantic atmosphere, mainly when you use the structure to slip in and out the lights. You would not need any other lighting gear to provide enough light, would you?

19. On Top of Umbrella

hanging string lights

The same trick applies to an umbrella. Wrap the string lights around the umbrella, and you’ve got yourself a festive addition to your home décor.

However, if you have a more specific idea than the general idea, you must pay attention to the type of fabric, colour, and thickness. If the strings are above the activity, the light will not shine through and illuminate it.

The umbrella should be bright or white. Bright colours will allow the light to shine through and make it easy to see in the rain. Thick fabric will prevent the water from getting through.

20. On the Wall

hanging string lights

This is a simple idea you might not have considered. You could hang string lights on your walls using nails as the hanging mechanism. They will provide you with an attractive light source at night, and you will also have a nice decoration in your room.

I think it would be a pleasant experience to revel in the atmosphere of this tea party, wouldn’t you agree?

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

Besides the many ways to hang string lights, the type of light will determine the atmosphere it creates. There are various choices of sunshine, and this article will share them as a bonus tip for you. At least seven of which are the best for outdoor use. Here is the list.

  • Adhesive rope string lights are the latest new invention for outdoor lighting. They are great for outdoor parties, holiday decorating, and even backyard get-togethers.
  • Battery-operated LED string lights are known for their other name, “fairy lights”, because of their beautiful glow and flexibility. They can light up a backyard for hours, give an extra touch of unique texture, and be used as decoration.
  • Fabric-friendly lighting; you can use them alongside fabric without worrying about fire hazards. You can use these lights in your home without worrying about fire or burning problems.
  • Lighting strings is a great way to add ambience to your set. They are cheaper than any other light and can be hung without the bulbs breaking them. In the case of inclement weather, turn them without the bulbs.
  • Outdoor lighting is a must-have for any backyard, patio, or garden. It’s waterproof, portable, battery-operated, and easy to handle. It offers a variety of colour combinations that will turn your outdoor space into a glowing oasis.
  • Solar power is a revolutionary way to run your business. These solar-powered rope lights are PVC and can light up an area for 17 hours if fully charged. They are water-resistant and never need to be replaced or charged.
  • The most adaptable and durable LED rope lights; are waterproof, bendable, and solar-powered.

Have you found the best one for your occasion after viewing the 20 ideas of how to hang string lights in the backyard? Use everything you have. Be careful during installation. When turning the rope, it is good to take off all your bulbs before pressing the switch.

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