20 Simple Ways on How to Reduce Traffic Noise in My Backyard

A backyard is a peaceful space where you can enjoy your life. Noise from the outside world is something that is not pleasant. I do not want my house to be noisy, especially in the backyard. That is why I will talk about how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard today.

When I return to my home country, there will be no more fear of a long journey. In my new country, I can explore the outside world once I come back to my hometown.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned to help reduce the noise when you have similar problems. Do not let the noise of the road ruin your piece of paradise in the garden.

1. Brick Wall

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Brick walls are great sound-dampening material. They also happen to be highly versatile because they can be built in any style and colour. A brick wall can be used to hide unsightly buildings or to add a touch of elegance to your home.

A brick wall is an excellent option if you want to add an elegant touch to your home. This can be done by yourself, but it’s best to get it done by professionals.

The negative aspects of this fence are its cost and maintenance. You have to pay attention to it constantly, and you have to be careful with its installation. In addition, it’s a lot more expensive than a regular fence.

2. Add Much Vegetation

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

The researchers found that the walls of a building should have plants on them since plants are much more affordable and easy to find than bricks. Vegetation can help reduce the noise from the outside.

Planting trees is the best way to maximize their function. There are many advantages to planting trees in your backyard. They not only absorb sound but also turn your backyard into a relaxing sanctuary.

The downside of sharing this idea is there’s a chance it will get ignored. You’ll have to be prepared to cut down on the feedback you receive. Otherwise, you will start to feel discouraged and discouraged.

3. Alluring Sound

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

If you want to fight annoying noises, how about recording your voice? With a little bit of creativity, you can use this idea on a budget. It’s cheaper than buying a recording device, and it doesn’t cost much to record some sounds.

The beautiful sounds of nature and the ocean’s calming waves are the sounds you can play within your backyard to reduce traffic noise. Reducing stress levels is a massive benefit of playing soothing music, experts say.

4. Tall Fence

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

People who live downtown, such as you, are used to living in a bustling city. But if you want to keep your peace, you must deal with the constant traffic noise that might disturb your life.

A tall fence is an excellent idea to protect your family and your peaceful mind from burglary. It is a maximum safeguard from theft and can reduce the noise in your backyard. The acoustic fence is the preferred type since it provides minimalism and is relatively easy to install.

5. Shrubbery Fence

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Instead of a typical wooden fence, consider a more realistic option. The shrubbery fence is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. It’s a great addition to a backyard landscape that’s already beautiful. With a lovely arrangement, it can be the finishing touch of a stunning garden landscape.

However, before installing shrubbery fencing, you should be aware of some of its cons. It can be challenging to maintain, isn’t a good choice if you’re trying to block off an area that may get fire, and it makes the backyard look more stuffy where minimalist houses are involved.

6. Water Fountain

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Water fountains can be quite helpful in reducing noise from your neighbour’s music if you have a large backyard. This sound is calming and can make your neighbours’ noise less distracting. The fountain can also serve as an attractive focal point for your backyard.

Usually, the decoration also includes a mini-speaker that releases the falling water sounds. These are generally used with a waterfall to make running Water sound like rain in the outdoor space, a double noise reducer.

You can’t miss out on the installation and maintenance costs of water fountains. You’ll need to install and maintain this fixture, too. The same goes for outdoor water fountains. You’ll have to buy the spray and hook it up outside or inside.

7. The Birdhouse

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

That little birdhouse you hung on the side of the patio fence isn’t going to help much with the noise from the street. It’s a nice decoration, though. It makes your little dream of having birds around come true.

A window with a bird feeder is a great place to invite some birds to come. People can use small speakers to make a natural ambience in their backyard, and it’s an excellent way to feel close to nature on vacation. Using this speaker is like having a small house in the country.

8. Wood Fence with No Gaps

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

The voice is too loud. What would you think about this wood fence? If it’s just a matter of the material, you don’t need to spend much time or money on it. But if you want your voice to be heard more clearly and for the noise to be reduced, then you should consider adding some metal to the fence.

You can build a fence, but it should be strong enough to keep animals, kids, and other people outside. It should also not let them wander in between the boards of wood without a gap.

9. Indoor Backyard

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

When you first hear the idea, it sounds crazy. But when you think about it, it’s a great solution to your noise problem. You can build a new backyard or utilize the space in your backyard.

If your plants need enough light, then you can use a transparent roofing system made of polycarbonate. People consider this material as the best translucent roofing because it can withstand any weather condition.

10. Noise Reducer Fence

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Some manufacturers make their fences so that they don’t make so much noise. The layers are made to do this. This keeps the noise from getting into the house and bothering the family.

If you are on a budget, you need to buy a cheap fence, but it’s not just about the price. You want to select a durable and safe material for your yard. I suggest you buy a plastic fence that is affordable and will reduce noise from outside.

11. A Tiny Shed

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Sheds can be a great place to lay low or hang out. They can also be an excellent spot for you to get some inspiration. Sheds can also be a nice place to stay, and it becomes your second home. If you don’t have any motivation in your main home, why not pick up some inspiration in the shed?

The location of the shed is essential. It should be close to the alleyway because it can get out of the disturbing noise. You can build it near the alleyway because it is the best way to get out of the noise.

12. Wind Chime

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

While the above solutions seem to be the most useful, you should try this. It won’t solve all your problems, but sometimes it’s better than nothing. If you don’t have a problem with passing vehicles, a wind chime will do the job.

When you’re trying to reduce noise, a wind chime can be the ultimate solution. These simple, inexpensive tools are typically used to create a beautiful yard decoration. But you can also use them as practical tools to reduce the amount of noise in your backyard. For even more noise reduction, you can combine them with layered fences.

13. Trees

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Instead of hearing the noise from your neighbours, you hear the calming sound of wind rustling the leaves of your trees. Which type of tree should you plant in the backyard? Taller types like the oak tree create a whooshing sound that makes you feel at home.

The trees in your yard are growing too tall. You can’t wait to see them mature. Instead, you can buy young trees now and plant them in the spring. You can also get a bird feeder and build a small wooden birdhouse on the branch. Birds will eat the seed, making less noise and helping to reduce the noise of the birds living in your yard.

14. Running Water

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

If you’re running out of space in the backyard, you can have a running stream instead of building a waterfall. It’s such a glass panel with a flowing WaterWater in the middle of it.

A beautiful decoration that fills your home with music and reduces noise. It’s a self-therapy tool for those who seek peace in their lives, but it’s also great for those with smaller homes. The decoration is soothing and reduces noise, and it looks great in modern homes.

15. Berm

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Building a fence or a hedge is not the best way to reduce noise in your backyard. You can also consider making a berm, which is an artificial barrier designed to block noise. It’s not only for people who can’t afford a fence, but it’s also an excellent idea for people who don’t know about it.

I know what you’re thinking: a berm is a raised bank filled with rocks. But I don’t think that’s quite right. A shelf is a raised bank with layers, usually made of stones, covered by clay and topsoil. You can plant tiny trees on the berm, and this sound attenuation is an excellent accent.

16. Mass-Loaded Vinyl

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

If you’re interested in soundproofing a fence but don’t want to spend much money, this product is for you. It can block the sound of traffic on a budget. To buy it, go online and select the vinyl that you want to use. Then, stick it on your fence.

In a theatre, there is no sound other than the movie’s soundtrack. The reason is that the seats are covered with foam to block out noise. A mass-loaded vinyl performs the same function, but it is more durable on the outside.

There’s more to the colour black than meets the eye. In the past, it was the only colour you could buy. Now, there are many other colours available. You can get black shades in white, pastel, or burgundy.

17. The Animal Help

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

If you want to prevent stress, try to mimic the sound of chirping birds. Besides blocking them out, you can also challenge yourself to create a beautiful song. Think of the natural sounds of chirping birds and how you might recreate them.

If you have the opportunity, try to keep singing birds in your backyard. The top 15 birds with incredible voices should include the common nightingale and rose-breasted Grosbeak. The nightingale is small but has a melodic voice that takes you to heaven. On the other hand, Grosbeak’s voice is not only pleasant but also loud and clear.

18. Metal Fence

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Do not give up on your dream of a backyard oasis, even if you are on a tight budget. The metal fence is much cheaper than other kinds of walls, such as wood and brick. However, it is also more durable and versatile. As you can see, this barrier is perfect for a variety of applications.

However, I would like to add that the metal fence also has its disadvantages. It is not as sturdy as brick, and it is not as pretty as vinyl or wood. It’s also not as impressive in lousy weather, so I recommend using a wooden fence if you live in a stormy area.

19. Climbing Plants

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Beautiful plants are great for your garden. They can make your garden look more elegant and, at the same time, help with soundproofing. Since a garden fence is an essential part of your home’s aesthetic, having beautiful plants nearby makes it look even better.

Some of the most popular houseplants are vines, like ivy and wisteria. Growing them on your walls is a great way to add a relaxed vibe to your space. There are many other plants that you can use to decorate your home as well. A lovely accent in the room can be made with the climbing rose.

20. Sound Absorbing Foam

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

The sound-absorbing foam is a valuable material, especially when you want to reduce noise from the road. It can absorb sound, and it can also keep things warm.

You can place this double-phase fence around the dense tree to be a double blocker from the annoying road noise. It is pretty affordable, it can easily be found online, and installation is simple.

However, you might find a con in using this foam. The material is helpful, but it is not that aesthetic. Not all people love the way their magnificent wooden fence is covered by foam, even though it is on the inside.

You can pick and choose from a variety of sound-blocking devices to silence the noise in your backyard. You can choose one from them, two, or even select all the choices, as long as they all suit your garden and do not bother its aesthetic side.

When considering the effects of noise reducers in a study, make sure to think about these:

  • Theme your backyard. Pick the theme that will make your backyard look different and exciting. The music should be consistent throughout the backyard area so it does not look stuffy due to noise reducers.
  • In my small backyard, I can’t fit a shed. It’s too much noise for me. It would be too loud in my tiny yard. I’d have to put up with the noise for too long before I could move it somewhere else.
  • You should spend your budget on soundproofing if you want to reduce noise in your neighbourhood. If you have a backyard, these techniques can help reduce the noise from outside.
  • The soil in your yard is essential. You must know what plants to grow. The characteristic of the earth in your backyard is what determines what plants you can plant.
  • Your time. If you want to have living noise reducers, like plants and animals, you need to spend your time, maintain them properly, and get more budget.

I have told you about ways to how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard. Which one is the best and most proper for your backyard?

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