20 Simple Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

If you have a wet backyard, it can be a challenge. However, the right landscaping ideas can turn an otherwise disadvantage into an advantage. It is no secret that landscaping in a wet spot or area is pretty tricky. It is safe to say that not everyone can execute it properly.

Most people will not successfully transform their wet backyard into a charming, functional outdoor space. However, you have many options to change your damp backyard into an exciting part of the landscape.

Indeed, most plants cannot withstand being soaked by water for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot grow any plant at this point. You have to know the proper techniques and which plants are best suited for these techniques.

Some tree types will make your wet backyard more attractive. A good choice is the elm tree. It is not only easy to grow and maintain, but it also provides a long-lasting solution for your landscape.

If you want to beautify your wet location, you can also improve your garden with these landscaping ideas. To help you start, you can check out this article on how to beautify your wet backyard.

1. A special River Birch Tree

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When a backyard is constantly wet, you tend to avoid planting anything that requires well-drained soil. But if you’re willing to tweak your selection, one of the best trees for damp soil is the River Birch.

The Riverbirch is a tree that’s been around for ages. It was once commonly found along river banks, but now homeowners use it to give their wet backyard an exciting look. The bark of this tree peels off and curls, making for a pretty cool appearance.

Not only is this tree beautiful and majestic, but it also has a unique ability. Its diamond-shaped leaves will change colour at different times of the year.

The leaves of this tree will change from bright green to golden yellow in the autumn. It will be stripped bare of leaves in the winter, but its visual interest will come from the attention-grabbing bark.

2. Stunning Quaking Aspen Tree

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This is another great tree to be included in your wet backyard landscaping. The quaking Aspen Tree is a European native that can grow fast in the backyard. Similar to the River Birch tree, Quaking Aspen’s leaves will turn reddish and yellow in the autumn.

Besides, this tree can also generate attractive catkins that stay on the tree. This is also a pretty large deciduous tree that can be an eye-catching focal point in your wet backyard.

Keep in mind that Quaking Aspen can grow until 25 meters high when you are planning a planting side for this tree. The good news is that Quaking Aspen is suitable in both full-sun and partial-shade areas.

3. Landscaping Ideas with White Willow Trees

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There’s no doubt that the Salix genus is an excellent choice for landscaping pools and wet areas. This beautiful tree has very narrow, silvery-white, pointed leaves that seem almost translucent from afar. However, the leaves turn bluish-green once you get closer.

You may not be the right candidate for this job, but it is undoubtedly a good fit if you have a large backyard and a lot of space. The white willow tree can grow to over 25 meters in height. When it is completely mature, its spread can reach more than 10 meters.

It would help if you made sure that the space in which your new tree will grow is well-lit by the sun, and it should be situated in a location that’s not too hot or too cold.

4. The Simple Stack of Stones

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Using large and flat stones is the easiest way to landscape a wet backyard. First, you must gather an assortment of large, flat rocks and arrange them around your backyard, as shown in this picture. It is also essential to fill in the gaps between the stones with grasses for visual interest.

If you’re sitting in a wet area, instead of building a bench, stack up many different materials to make a natural stone pile. You won’t need to place furniture where it’s going to get wet.

5. Landscaping Ideas with Native Plants

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When you want to landscape a wet area, you need to know which plants will thrive there. When it comes to landscaping a damp location, consider wetland shrubs. They add beauty and value while providing diverse habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies.

In addition to dogwood, there are other varieties you can choose from, like salmonberry. There are also many flowering shrubs that you can plant like the ones in this picture. You can include a medium tree in your wet backyard for more shade.

6. Clethra, Favorite of the Butterfly

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If you want to have a beautiful backyard, why not introduce beautiful butterflies into it? Clethra, a native shrub with white blooms, is a perfect choice. In addition to its unique beauty, this plant can be used to attract butterflies to your yard.

Many great shrubs can be used to dress up a wet backyard. One of the most useful is clethra. With its ability to withstand water, it is perfect for a backyard with a lot of rain.

This pretty flower can grow even in a shady location. No problem, as it can grow well in full sun as well. Moreover, it can also grow optimally in both dark and full-sun places.

7. Stunning Landscaping Ideas with Blue Mist

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The colour of the blooms on Blue Mist flowers is so vibrant that they improve the attractiveness of your yard. This may be something to consider when you are designing a backyard landscape.

This deciduous shrub grows well in a suitable climate. It typically comes with white flowers in the spring, and after that, it turns blue in the summer. In addition to that, Blue Mist can grow under full to partial sun.

8. Beautiful Hakuro Nishiki

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Suppose you want to have beautiful pink flowers in your backyard in the summer, plant Hakuro Nishiki. This deciduous shrub has weeping branches with pink flowers that are surrounded by green leaves.

This wet-tolerate shrub can be grown in the backyard or balcony. It’s a good partner with other wet-tolerate plants and greeneries. Adding this to your backyard can create a more Asian-inspired look.

9. Exceptional Red Twig Dogwood

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The red twig dogwood can tolerate a wide range of poor soils. For example, you can plant it in a wet backyard, even with clay or soggy ground. This shrub has a bright red colour that makes it stand out in a wet backyard.

The red twig dogwood is an excellent flowering shrub choice in your wet, grey landscape. The red stems are a bold touch against the drab background, and the tree’s white flowers add some cheer to any winter garden.

10. A Row of Fetterbush

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Some types of fetterbush can grow perfectly fine even if they are completely submerged in water. They look nice, so planting them in your landscape may add a dash of colour and beauty to your garden.

When landscaping in a wet location, consider dwarf fetterbush, scarlet, and rainbow varieties. Dwarf fetterbush, scarlet, and drooping rainbow fetterbush have some of the best characteristics for wet areas. You can put these three species together with other evergreen plants that can grow well in wet soil.

11. Beautiful Smooth Hydrangeas

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To bring the elegant smooth hydrangeas into your backyard, you need to ensure the soil is not too wet. Its white blooms can complement both modern and traditional landscapes. The good news is that this flowering shrub can withstand overly wet soils.

If you can grow hydrangeas in your area, they can be a hassle to care for and keep up. They can be difficult to keep alive and are heavy feeders. However, their large white blooms can attract butterflies to your garden.

12. Wet Landscaping Ideas with Flowering Shrubs

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Do you want to plant the hydrangea in your garden? You can make your garden look sophisticated and modern with its white blooms. The good news is that even though it’s a flowering shrub, it can easily grow over potential weeds.

The white hydrangea, a common flower in landscaping, has a colour that can fit any design. While it is normal for the soil to be wet for this type of plant, it does not mean that it cannot survive in a wet environment. The good news is that this flowering shrub can withstand overly wet conditions.

If you have hydrangeas in your area, they can be difficult to keep alive. They require a lot of attention. You have to care for them and care for their needs constantly. They’re not the easiest plants to grow. But their large blooms can attract butterflies that will help you beautify your garden.

13. Landscaping Ideas with Common Alder

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A small, bushy tree with drooping yellow catkins is a great choice for small spaces. Common alder trees are also known as alders. They are useful in gardens because they provide shade on hot summer days and are fairly easy to maintain.

If you want to grow a robust tree, it’s important to plant it in a sunny location. If conditions are just right, including wet and dry soil, this tree can survive. However, if your tree does not get enough sunlight, it will not grow properly.

14. Stunning Swedish Aspen

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A favourite tree to be used for various landscaping purposes, the Swedish aspen is a gorgeous hedge. It turns from green to red and yellow, making it a great choice for adding to any backyard plans.

It is often served as a stunning line of trees on the side of the road or alley. With heart-shaped leaves that turn colours throughout autumn, this tree is indeed a good choice for any landscaping ideas.

If you live in a wet climate, there’s a good chance that you may have aspens in your yard. This is a tree that can handle the rain and wind well. However, if you want to get the most out of this plant, you should position it under full sun.

The Swedish aspen is one of the largest trees found in Sweden. If you live in the country, you’ll likely have a Swedish aspen tree in your yard. They grow to about 12 meters high and are a beautiful shade of green.

15. The Creek in Our Backyard

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Another way of making your garden more attractive is to plant trees well-suited to a wet location. You can also add a creek in your backyard. This will create a serene, calming feature that will help you unwind and relax.

The creek is not only a natural feature, but it also provides a nice aesthetic to the garden. To add more visual appeal, plant some flowering shrubs around the edge of the creek.

16. WetLand with a Tranquil Pond

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If you’re tired of maintaining a creek in your yard, consider turning it into a pond. A water feature such as a pond will give your backyard an extra tranquil feel and solve the problems of soggy yards.

You are in charge of your backyard, and you can bring nature into it. You can include a variety of plants in your backyard as well. The more you put it there, the more interesting it becomes. You still have a chance to add some other objects as well.

17. Natural Pond with Various Greeneries

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Have you ever considered creating a natural-looking pond? If you do, this picture is a great reference. With stone edges and the inclusion of greenery, your backyard will turn into a great place to enjoy nature.

This scenic garden is a great place for low-maintenance fish. The accompanying aquatic plants make it a perfect habitat for the fish you’ll be adding. You can put koi or other freshwater species that require little or no maintenance.

Botanicals like Crinum and Daylily are perfect backyard landscaping ideas for living in a wet area, so make sure you choose ones that can handle the dampness.

18. Landscaping Ideas with Relaxing Seating Area

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Making your backyard more relaxing is important for all of us. One of the best ways to do so is to add an outdoor seating area, including a few chairs and an umbrella. It will make it feel more relaxing and invite you out there to enjoy your time in the sun.

People have been building ponds and waterfalls on their properties for thousands of years. Some are natural-looking, with stone edges. Others are like small tamed lakes or large koi ponds. Make sure you take account of landscaping around the pond with plants that are tolerant of water.

19. Landscape Stones with Multiple Colors

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If you have a wet backyard, don’t despair. Incorporate many different coloured stones into the landscape design. This picture provides a simple yet elegant design idea to help you on your way.

This dry creek has a tricky problem. It’s soggy because of the dark stones, and it’s wet because of the lighter stones. You can solve this problem by putting darker stones on top of the lighter ones around the creek.

You’ve finished the basic look of your garden. Now, for a few finishing touches, you can add in some shrubs and flowers between the stone areas. You could also add a palm tree or another type of tree that’s more water-resistant.

20. A Beautiful Yellow Flag Iris

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As you live in an area with lots of water, you will be very happy to have a yellow flag iris as your flower. This perennial is a real showstopper. It makes your garden look gorgeous and is an essential part of your decor.

Where yellow flag iris is not well-known, use it to landscape around the tree. It is illegal to grow yellow flag iris in some locations, but even though it is considered a problem in some states, the plant is still a darling for those with a wet backyard and want to add interesting perennials.

We have already discussed several ideas for landscaping a wet backyard. After reading this information, you can decide which idea you like best and begin working on the project.

However, while you may need to consider several factors, you may want to think about several things that may be necessary for you to take into account.

For example, you may need to do a home soil test to determine if the area is ready for landscaping. You can apply one of those landscaping ideas for a wet backyard as soon as you know it is.

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