34 Affordable Temporary Fencing Ideas for Any Purpose

If you have a construction site and need to fence off an area to keep the workers safe temporarily, these temporary fencing ideas will come in handy. They are easy to make and use and will give you the protection you need until you can get permanent fences put up. These temporary fencing ideas include wooden rails, metal pipes, wooden posts with rope between them, and even old car tires!

Sometimes it’s not worth spending so much on a more permanent barrier. For now, you might want to spend a little money on a smaller, temporary fence. This one is so that people won’t climb over it and steal your stuff. But eventually, you’ll probably need something that can keep people from climbing over it and stealing your stuff.

Cheap privacy fences are the best. They’re ideal for people seeking seclusion but without the financial means to construct a natural wall. Here are eight affordable temporary privacy fences, but they still look good.

1. Temporary Portable Fence

temporary fencing ideas

Portable fencing is a temporary fence that can be set up in a matter of hours. These portable fences are designed to be set up anywhere, without the need for heavy-duty equipment or professionals. They are designed to be easy to carry and simple to install.

This is the perfect temporary fence for children who need a safe place to play while working outside. It’s easy to move around so that you can put it anywhere, and it has an adjustable height so your children can play without having to be concerned about being scolded by their father.

2. Black Temporary Fence

temporary fencing ideas

A temporary black fence is an excellent option to keep your dog or pet from running into the street. It is also suitable for keeping kids or other people from wandering onto your property. The posts are usually made of wood or metal, and the wire is usually galvanized steel. The fence is easy to remove and install.

A fence’s most significant advantage is the ability to design it yourself. Since it is made of powder-coated steel, it will last forever and looks great whether you use it as a privacy screen, to separate your yard into play areas for your kids, or even to help keep your grass neatly cut.

3. Quarantine Temporary Fence

temporary fencing ideas

If any of your pets are sick with a contagious disease, it’s best to keep them away from the rest of the pets for a few days. This will give their body time to fight off the disease and give them time to recover. Fencing can help keep them quarantined while you work on getting them better.

During a quarantine period, your pet has to stay apart from other pets. This is to stop the spread of contagious diseases from one animal to another. A temporary fence is a simple way to keep your pet contained and separate from other animals. You can use a temporary fence to have your pet when you are not at home or to isolate your pet from other animals in your neighborhood.

4. Protect the Area with a Temporary Fence

temporary fencing ideas

It’s crucial that the process of renovating or cleaning an area not be interrupted. Temporary fencing would help to ensure this. An example of a renovation project requiring temporary fencing is to clean out and refit their swimming pool. We’ve reviewed pool fencing in our blog!

When you’re trying to clean your swimming pool, you need a way to keep people out of it. A temporary fence is a perfect solution. It’s affordable, easy to install, and, more importantly, it keeps your pool area safe so you can complete your cleaning tasks without worrying about accidents.

5. Mini Farm Temporary Fence

temporary fencing ideas

Temporary fences are perfect for mini-farms, allowing farmers to grow plants on even the most minor land without needing permanent fencing. These fences are also straightforward to assemble and dismantle with a few tools, making them an excellent choice for temporary fencing needs.

Farming is a great way to get into the country lifestyle. You can use a small plot of land and put up temporary fencing to see if you can do this. You’ll discover how long your hobby will last before you have to decide on whether or not it’s worth becoming an occupation for you.

6. Temporary Fence Twigs

temporary fencing ideas

Temporary fencing twigs help keep animals out of a garden or yard. They are also handy for creating a temporary barrier around a construction site, farm, or ranch. These are made of natural materials such as branches, vines, and other vegetation.

If you already have many tree branches in your backyard, you can easily make them into a temporary fence. It’s easy to do, and you’ll be amazed at the result. It is a solid yet attractive material you can use for many purposes.

7. Pool Temporary Fence

temporary fencing ideas

The Pool Temporary Fence is a great way to make sure your pool area is safe. Make sure your family can enjoy their pool without worrying about safety. With this fence, you can quickly build a barrier that stops kids from running into the pool.

The temporary fencing for the pool will make it safer and keep it clean. It prevents animals such as snakes and squirrels from damaging the water in your swimming pool by their droppings. This is a common choice of protection since you can’t always find animals that will stay out on their own as ducks do!

8. Temporary Corrugated Fence

temporary fencing ideas

The temporary corrugated fence is a temporary fence made with corrugated metal sheets. It is used for security, protection, and to stop people from trespassing. This type of fence is ideal for use as a temporary measure to keep uninvited guests or secure a construction site. Sizes, shapes, and styles are offered in a wide variety of options.

Many people have a hidden desire for privacy. They want something strong, durable, but not too expensive or prominent. There are many different options available for this type of fence, from corrugated fencing made with other materials like aluminum and PVC.


Temporary fencing is an excellent solution to your fencing needs. It’s cheap, easy to install, and it keeps things out. For example, you can use it to keep children and pets out of your garden or flowerbed. You can also use temporary fencing to protect new plants. Here are some temporary fencing ideas that will help you stay safe.

9. Temporary Fencing Ideas with Vinyl Mesh

temporary fencing ideas

Vinyl is a lightweight material. As such, many people use it to replace wire mesh, which tends to be heavier. Plus, the vinyl mesh is simple to install.

These Temporary fences are great for keeping your pets contained. Whether it’s a cat, a bunny, a chicken, or even a dog, this fence will keep them confined.

If you build a dog run, you will need some mesh to keep the dogs contained. Some of them can jump over fences, so you may need to add some height to prevent them from getting out. You can make your fence secure with cable ties.

10. Temporary Fencing Ideas with Wood

temporary fencing ideas

Planting new plants in your backyard is an excellent idea for improving your outdoor space. Unfortunately, pets or children may destroy those plants by trampling on them or eating them. For pets and children alike, a temporary fence is a great solution. It’ll keep your kids and pets away from the plants and prevent them from being destroyed.

This is an excellent choice for your temporary fence. It will keep animals and children out of your yard during the gardening season. The picket fence looks natural so that it will blend in with your lawn.

11. Modular Temporary Fencing for Pets

temporary fencing ideas

This is an excellent choice for your temporary fencing. It’s lightweight, so you can move it where you like. The advantage of this fence is that it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The panels can be arranged to form a square, so your pets can stay safe.

12. Temporary Fencing Ideas with Lattice

temporary fencing ideas

If you have a problem with people watching you while taking a break from work, you can install this temporary lattice fence. It gives you a little bit of privacy, and it looks excellent with torches attached to the top. For further seclusion, you can grow plants such as ivy or jasmine to climb the fence.

13. Wooden Retractable Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing ideas

If you want to protect your flowers from kids or add a little style to your backyard, this is the temporary retractable fence for you. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to lift and move. You can adjust it quickly because of the unique X design that lets you do it.

14. Folding Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing ideas

Privacy screens are sometimes necessary, even if you do not have a big backyard. You see, sometimes you may want to have a little privacy from your neighbors even though you don’t want to block their view completely. In this case, a privacy screen is a good solution.

When you are not using them, you can easily store them since they are lightweight and foldable. Assembling a privacy screen is easy. All you need is to make some frames and add some fabrics inside them. Use hinges to create the shelves so it becomes a foldable privacy screen.

15. Temporary Fencing in White with Rounded Edges

temporary fencing ideas

A bright white finish on this picket fence makes it suitable for almost any house, especially modern farmhouse style or traditional American dwellings. The small size and the lightweight make it perfect for many kinds of purposes, such as blocking the driveway, protecting your new lawn, or simply adding some cheer to your garden.

16. Pallet Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing ideas

Wooden pallets are versatile, which means that you can explore your creativity while enhancing your skills since you can turn them into anything that you want, such as a bed frame, a chair, a shelf, or anything else that you can dream up.

If you need a fence but you’re on a tight budget, you can make it out of pallets. Just screw them together and add some hinges to the gate, so it opens up quickly. The wrought-iron look will give it a rustic feel, which is also great for gardens.

17. Temporary Fencing for an Event

temporary fencing ideas

If you are going to sell or exhibit goods at an exhibition, you should consider making temporary fencing. This will help you make an excellent first impression on visitors, and it will also help you highlight and define your stall.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on this temporary fence. It would help if you spent as little as possible because you will be taking it down after the exhibition is over. This temporary fence can be made out of simple materials such as wooden pickets stuck into a piece of plywood.

Use a simple but effective design not to overpower your stall, and you will achieve the best results. A portion of the fence is left open in the front so that visitors can see what’s inside.

18. Panel Mesh Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing ideas

Some construction sites or factories have lots of dangerous objects. For people to stay away from those hazardous objects, the construction site or factory should be very safe.

Install movable mesh panels around big objects on a building site or at a factory to reduce the chance of accidents. These panels will form a barrier that will keep people away from particular things.

19. Temporary Fencing Ideas That Are Lightweight

temporary fencing ideas

When we think of a temporary fence, we think of a way to keep the area outside our home safe without breaking a sweat.

It’s a temporary fence. You can use anything around the house to make a temporary fence. Wire or thread, for example, is a great option, but you don’t have to use them. What you need is something lightweight that you can remove when it’s no longer needed.

This temporary fence is only designed to hold up for an emergency. Although it cannot withstand strong winds, it does work for a short time. You can construct a more effective temporary fence with a few materials you probably have on hand.

20. Vegetable Garden Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing ideas

If you don’t build a fence around your garden, the rabbits and deer will eat your crops before you realize it. Therefore, you need a wall that surrounds your garden.

Of course, a pallet fence is a right choice. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the notion of building your wall, consider making it out of wood and wire mesh. It’s best to have a door too so that easy access is possible.

21. Temporary Fencing with Wood and Wire Mesh

temporary fencing ideas

This is a different kind of temporary fence. It’s just as solid and easy to build, but it’s more organized and easier to find things.

The first step is to construct the elevated bed. First, wrap wire mesh around the wooden supports that surround the raised bed. Then, add a tiny door with a latch and hinges.

22. Indoor Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing ideas

Temporary fencing is a fence you can use for both indoor and outdoor. Indoor use is most familiar as a barrier, such as between the kitchen and family room.

Outdoor benefits include temporary protection for livestock, hunting blinds, and the like. It’s usually put up quickly and easily since it’s only used for a short period.

23. Indoor Temporary Fencing Ideas for Portability

temporary fencing ideas

This is a portable fence that is perfect for any enclosure. It doesn’t require any tools, and you can easily lift it and move it anywhere you need.

It’s lightweight and easy to handle, and it has a handle that makes it easy to lift and move. This type of fence is suitable for a playpen, exercise pen, dog run, or other enclosure.

24. Temporary Fencing for Babies That Is Easy to Make

temporary fencing ideas

A good playground for babies is its milestone. It is essential to let the baby play by himself, but you must also keep him safe without being too strict or overprotective.

If you’re having trouble getting your baby to sleep in a crib, why not make your playpen? All you need is PVC pipe, netting, and zip ties.

25. Wooden Dog Fence Panels

temporary fencing ideas

These panels have a trait that allows them to be completely foldable, so you can cut down on space when it is not being used. They also have a locking mechanism on the hinges to keep the fence from wobbling.

This means that they are safe for your dog, and it will never be able to get out or go anywhere while keeping your property clear.

26. Dogs Temporary Fencing Ideas with Wire

temporary fencing ideas

When it’s warm outside, your dog needs to get some exercise. But you don’t want him to run away, so what can you do? An excellent solution is to use a temporary fence.

It is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. This fence is made of durable black wire, which makes it perfect for keeping your dog in check when it’s time for him to go outside.

27. Bamboo Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing ideas

Besides making a privacy screen from pallets and wire mesh, you can also make a screen from bamboo. A bamboo screen will give you not only privacy but also tropical charm to the space.

This bamboo screen is easy to make. All you have to do is make a frame from bamboo or wooden stakes, then line up some bamboo to fill in the frame. Drive nails to secure them.

28. Mobile PVC Fencing Made Simple

temporary fencing ideas

This temporary barrier is compact and easy to handle, using no more than four pieces of PVC board or sheeting. The clean and crisp finish and sleek and modern design make this fence perfect for homes with a modern aesthetic.

29. Noise-dampening Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing ideas

You can find annoying noises at construction sites. Try building an acoustic fence that features noise-dampening panels. These panels are easy to erect as they come in a series of conferences.

They’re resistant to UV rays, so they won’t fade or get damaged. You can now say goodbye to the loud noises that you’ve heard at work.

30. Plastic Temporary Fence in Red

temporary fencing ideas

People use these very lightweight plastic fences to prevent their pets from escaping. They are made of plastic, which makes them very light and easy to install.

This orange plastic fence is perfect for a construction site. It cannot alleviate the noise, but it can conceal the materials. The vivid red color will make people alert so that they can notice this fence instantly.

31. Temporary Fencing in Black with Small Wheels

temporary fencing ideas

The majority of temporary fences are portable. Nonetheless, some are somewhat heavier than others, depending on the materials used. This welded wire fence is slightly more severe than a lot of other temporary fencing options.

Nonetheless, because the tiny wheels allow this barrier to glide smoothly, its weight is irrelevant. This fence is finished in white, which gives it a beautiful appearance.

32. Temporary Fencing Using Plastic Mesh

temporary fencing ideas

Another excellent concept for plastic mesh is to use it to surround high-risk or potentially dangerous areas. For example, if you’ve got a pool, you might want to use it to contain children or pets that might wander into the water.

Or maybe you’re building a house, and you want to use plastic mesh to keep people out who might accidentally or on purpose climb on your roof. Whatever the application, plastic mesh is an excellent choice because it’s easy to install, very affordable, and virtually indestructible.

33. Temporary Fencing Ideas Made of Green Plastic

temporary fencing ideas

A plastic mesh fence is cheap, easy to install, and versatile for many applications. For example, you can use it to protect plants from hungry animals. It’s also great at keeping people away from construction sites or hiding damaged utility poles.

The green mesh basket makes the basket and plant look like they are one. The basket is made of plastic, which makes it durable and robust. It comes in green, making it the perfect color for the basket and plant to be united.

34. Retractable Temporary Fencing for Staircases

temporary fencing ideas

A stairway is a dangerous place for a toddler. Toddlers are curious, and a stairway is a place they want to explore. The danger lies in the fact that toddlers don’t know how to walk down the stairway safely.

Try investing in a retractable fence for peace of mind. Put the wall in front of the first step of the stairway, and you are good to go.

Here are 34 temporary fencing ideas that you can copy. They are easy to make yet effective in certain circumstances.

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