90 Amazing Tropical Backyard Ideas to Make Your Home More Beautiful

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Have you ever imagined yourself in a tropical paradise? It is possible to evoke a lush and exotic look with flashes of vibrant colors in a backyard garden. There are festive lights, small structures, and plants found in tropical backyard ideas.

You can create an exhilarating tropical retreat outside that gives the first impression to guests. You can start choosing tropical-looking plants with bright colors and shapes. For example, Cordylines, Hibiscus, Alstroemeria, Agapanthus, and Begonia are the best tropical plants.

It will be easy to get a pretty backyard garden if you arrange well-positioned potted plants. If you want to add mid-level and taller plants, you should opt for smaller plants. It wants to make the forest floors feel like forest floors.

There are refreshing tropical backyard ideas to guide you on which plants you want. Combining the right plants with the right design tips can create a tropical atmosphere.

Table of Contents

1. Rainforest Plants in Garden Pathway

tropical garden design

If you only have a backyard patio, you can design a tropical paradise along both sides of your entrance pathway. Let’s see what we can see! A walkway between rainforest plants is made of a brown wooden plank. There is a tropical garden on the pathway.

Imagine what a rainforest would look like if it were created in a garden. You can grow medium-sized plants like Elephant Ear, Alocasia, and other tropical-leafed plants. Then, combine those medium-sized plants with taller-size plants. You can see Ficus trees here. They are smaller trees with large leaves.

2. Beautiful Blossoms of Heliconia

tropical backyard garden

Heliconia is one of the most important tropical plants to grow in the backyard. Its foliage looks like a banana tree, but its flower blossoms are like lobster claws. It’s a group of tropical plants that people like.

Even though Heliconia can be a dwarf plant, it gets pretty tall in this garden. The pendulous heliconia flowers are red and yellow. Bright colors are popping up through the walkway.

3. Tropical Vertical Gardening

tropical garden ideas

To design a vertical garden that will enhance your backyard, you must first decide what you want to accomplish. You can start with a living wall or a simple planter box, including other features such as a rain barrel and even solar panels.

Bromeliads are small plants that have a lot of lovely blossoms. They’re a good way to get vertical accents in your garden. These mounted bromeliads will add color and interest to your patio or deck.

This is a good choice for someone who likes plants and green spaces but also prefers modern design. Medium potted banana trees and Mother-in-Law Tongue are perfect for this space. These tropical plants soften complex environments.

4. Large Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical backyard ideas

Extensive tropical gardens need to be filled with many different types of plants, shapes, and textures. This one is full of palm trees, which are large tropical plants with simple upright forms. The leaves have large leaves that will make lulling sounds in the wind.

Different colors and leaf patterns of tropical companion plants can be seen in the grass backyard. Alocasia and elephant ear plants give different flairs. These dwarf plants offer plants with exotic looks and striking colors.

5. Beautiful Side Tropical Yard

backyard garden ideas

Keep your backyard well-maintained and use it as a retreat from the busyness of your home. A small garden, tree, or even a sculpture will make your backyard more than just a link from front to back. Choose some tropical plants and create a beautiful pathway that will make your backyard more than just a place to getaway.

A shady patio is a perfect place for relaxing in the summertime. While it’s hard to find a good location for a small balcony, it’s easy to find a space that’s big enough. You just need to think about where you would like to sit on the patio and whether or not there will be sufficient room for dining tables and chairs.

6. Exotic Palm Trees Garden

tropical backyard landscaping

Palms are a great addition to your outdoor space. They have textured trunks, curving shadows, and scented flowers that add a complete sensory experience. However, like an overlook, you often have trouble with them because of their height.

Tropical gardens do not have to be only planted. They can also be shrubs, flowers, and even palm trees! Use them in fresh ways. Create a double row of palm trees. Add flagstone walkways between them and plant other ground plants like grasses and shrubs. You’ll see those palms swaying as they create a yellowish color among grasses and shrubs.

7. Beautiful Tropical Garden Landscape

backyard landscaping ideas

To add a lot of color to your grass yard area, consider planting rows of tropical-looking Alocasia. They will look significantly mixed in with your stepping stones. They’ll provide you with a shady spot where you can conserve water for plants that require it, and they’ll help retain heat for plants that appreciate it.

Plants like Philodendron and Anthurium give any plant pot a new look and feel. The bright pink Anthurium flower will bring fresh and bright cheer to any indoor plant pot.

8. Huge Foliage Plants and Flowers

tropical backyard landscaping

Tropical landscaping is more than a visual treat. It creates a sense of space, brings air and light into the garden, and makes a place seem warmer and more inviting. A large garden filled with foliage, tropical flowers, and tropical trees helps set a calm and relaxing mood.

This garden is beautiful, but you’d have a better feel of it if you could get closer to it. The screw pine branches are swirling around the trunk and giving a nice look to it.

9. Large-Leafed and Smaller-Trees

garden design ideas

Succulents are small dwarf plants that have beautiful blossoms. They live right along the edges of pathways and walkways. The green and purple leaves add lovely texture and color. The dragon trees can go into the succulent borders, as well. When they build, they use taller trees to give their building more height.

Most plants at the medium-to-low range of the plant size have large leaves. Exotic plants provide a unique look to this tropical backyard.

10. Tropical Plants for Garden Edging

backyard landscaping ideas

When you’re trying to give your lawn a more exciting appearance, avoid overstuffing the edge of your property with many different plants. They will make a confusing medley, and you won’t be able to tell what’s in the garden bed. So, choose one plant type and use it sparingly. Then, it’ll be easier to see what you’re doing.

A great vertical space makes an ideal place for an edging plant, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one. If your yard isn’t big enough for a single plant, pair one tall tree fern with a few shorter ones for a nice, vertical look.

11. Private Tropical Mini Garden

tropical garden design

A mini garden filled with various kinds of lush foliage will create a relaxed feel. You can plant medium palms in sunny places for summer shade. Shrubs, tree ferns, and ground covers are good choices to complement this kind of garden. Alpinia with lush green leaves is also suitable for creating that fantastic retreat.

Create a beautiful garden by planting a flower bed using white painted gravels. The curved patterned edging will add a unique look to the ground and give your garden a modern twist. Use a few potted roses to accentuate the garden.

12. Palm Garden with Wooden Decor

tropical garden

Look at this Asian-inspired tropical garden. Perfect combinations of smaller-level flowers, medium plants, and taller trees make up this garden. Dark brown woods give the landscape a more natural feel.

These wooden planks are perfect for a garden walkway. In addition, they match the raised beds as they form a raised bed garden. The raised bed garden consists of a Traveler Palm tree, colorful Ti plants, and succulents.

This is a beautiful tropical garden with a tropical theme. It has several succulents, but what stands out is the striking wooden backdrop, which adds a lovely touch to the scene. It’s not only eye-catching, but it also provides a beautiful accent.

13. Tall Green Garden

tropical backyard

There are many species of this plant, and one of them, known as the corn plant, is easy to grow in a big yard. Its unique leaves and vertical stems create a striking pattern, and one part of the yard has a colony of this evergreen plant which blooms in the spring giving a great display of flowers.

This garden is covered in substantial palm trees, which provide a lot of privacy from others while enhancing the look of the walls. Other more giant trees, such as oak trees, blend well with the palms to appeal to this design.

14. Small Tropical Landscaping

tropical backyard landscaping

If your backyard is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create an exotic tropical garden. A brilliant arrangement of plants with some extra touches will achieve attractive spots in your landscape.

A garden-raised bed, planted along a wooden fence, makes for an organic raised bed garden. Plants taller than banana trees should be produced, like palms or bromeliads, to give some visual intrigue to your backyard.

In this tropical garden, Lilyturf as a ground cover helps to prevent erosion by absorbing water. Because Lilyturf is tough and drought-tolerant, it will not grow beyond the edges of the border and will not compete for light with other plants. A wooden fence will keep the growth contained.

15. Great Indoor Tropical Garden

tropical garden

This photo shows a tropical garden next to the living room. It should have small-sized foliage such as Peach Lily, Chinese Evergreen, and Philodendron to provide a contrast against the large scale of the tropical garden.

When you plant palm trees in the garden, you’ll have to dig holes for each one. It can be challenging to keep them in the proper shape. Once planted, you can also train them to grow upward to be vertical to the room.

16. Garden with Potted Leafed Plants

backyard garden ideas

The best indoor plants for decorating your living room are tropical foliage plants that grow in decorative pots. Philodendron plants are easy to care for and look good in this round grey stone pot.

This plant is easy to grow in the house as it adapts well to various environments and overgrows. If you do not have a lot of space, you may want to choose this plant.

17. Bamboo Backyard Garden

tropical garden ideas

Your garden’s landscape design is a big deal. Small details such as stones can make a big difference in how the plants look and feel. Here is a tropical garden bed that includes bromeliads, palms, and bamboo trees.

This is a great stone garden floor. The more giant bromeliads are a type of plant that produces striking colors in the grass yard. At the same time, bamboo trees are easy to grow plants that become great borders to make a privacy space between neighbors.

The bamboo and palm trees become the center of tropical gardens because they taste the tropics. There are bamboo gardens that offer a relaxing place and a contrast to the environment.

18. Tropical Backyard with Traveler Palm Tree

tropical backyard ideas

Make a simple tropical garden with Traveler Palms will help to brighten up the monotonous white wall. Just plant some trees along the fence and add some small tropical flowers on the ground. The bright colors of Pentas and Traveler Palms complement each other well.

Adding the right furniture will help make your garden look like it’s in a tropical paradise. It’s an easy trick to help you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. To finish the room, simply place some furniture in it.

There’s a wooden bench at the corner of your garden that has an umbrella for shade. A stone pathway links the park to the canopy area where people can sit and enjoy the views. It’s a perfect place for enjoyment and entertainment.

19. Beautiful Great Garden with Bromeliads

backyard garden ideas

The backyard has a well-arranged of giant potted Bromeliads. Colorful blossoms of foliage make for an attractive look. Ground surfaces are covered with air plants and succulents in smaller sizes. There are beautiful blossoms for both species.

It’s best to create shady areas from palm trees for plants and shrubs that are less hearty than other plants. Palm trees also help with canopy coverage, which protects plants that are not as strong.

20. Festive Lights and Tall Garden Troughs

garden design ideas

Tall troughs will enhance the curb appeal of your backyard garden. You can use any plants you like to create those tall troughs, but the best tropical plants for this purpose are Boxwood shrubs and Big Bluestem. You can transform plain pots into works of art by planting vines and other plants.

Boxwood shrubs in tall planters add a funky look to your lawn. The troughs enable you to mix boxwood with bluestem grass for a real show-stopper. If you want to get more festive, plant banana trees on the grass base.

Finally, arrange the tall planters along the wall. Install pavers in front of them to give a different pattern and texture. Add solar lights for an added dramatic effect.

21. Beautiful Tropical Foliage

tropical backyard

There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than a bright tropical garden. It’s also easy to create with a bit of care and planning. Start with plants in vibrant, rich red, orange, and yellow shades, such as red banana, rose, orchids, and bromeliads.

This garden doesn’t just have a tropical feel, but it also has a little bit of a twist with the large bromeliad foliage. The beautiful blooms will surely grab visitors’ attention as they enter your tropical backyard.

These tropical backyard ideas will inspire you to add charm, color, texture, and personality to your back garden. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily you can make a significant impact on your backyard.

A large variety of tropical plants make your backyard garden look beautiful. It would help if you chose the right tropical plants for your garden, as they will be the main elements of your garden.


Tropical landscaping is ideal for the backyard and will give your home a tropical feel. It’s a good idea to consider planters and other techniques to enhance the look of your landscape. For example, you may want to create a tropical oasis to give your yard a tropical look.

It makes no difference whether your yard is small or vast. You can always make it look great with an array of flowers and shrubs. However, you need to know how to do it right to get the best results.

Tropical landscaping has many benefits for your home and backyard. You should take a look at some of these ideas before you plant a single palm tree.

22. Shady Palm Trees

tropical backyard garden

These kinds of plants are good examples of plants that grow in the tropics. In tropical gardens, plants with big, vibrant leaves are a staple. For this reason, palm trees make a great tropical plant to consider growing.

Numerous plant varieties can add beauty and a tropical atmosphere to your yard. Palm trees are a great option and will provide beauty for years to come.

Planting a palm tree is a great idea if you want to beautify your backyard. It takes time for the palm trees to grow bigger in your backyard, so consider planting one. It’s already raised enough to make your backyard beautiful.

23. Enchanting Banana Trees

tropical backyard ideas

If you’re looking for a tropical look in your yard, then try banana plants. They are a great option to have around your home. Their large, bright green leaves give the plants a beautiful and tropical appearance.

Besides, even though bananas are abundant in most tropical areas, they are grown in just a few countries. However, there are plenty of banana trees that can be grown in most parts of the world. These trees aren’t just beautiful, but they also produce delicious bananas.

Another great idea is to add a splash of color to your green banana tree with the red leaf philodendron. Its bright-red purple leaves make a gorgeous pair for your greenery.

24. Plenty of Cordyline

tropical backyard garden

When it comes to tropical landscaping, consumers should look at the soothing gardens in Asia. These layouts are straightforward, yet they can still give an outdoor space a tropical feel.

There’s no reason why this garden can’t be equally as enjoyable as it looks. It features plenty of cordyline plants and colorful shrubs, and you can use stones to separate the cordyline bed from the grass. For a mix, try growing some palm trees too.

25. Neatly Arranged Shrubs

tropical garden ideas

The first thing you’ll notice about this garden landscaping idea is how neat it looks. It involves several types of shrubs, and it looks so nice with them. This landscaping idea will be perfect for you if you want to have a nice-looking yard.

This landscaping idea is great for any time of the year, but especially in the winter months when you need a bit of extra warmth and a break from the cold.

26. Tropical Garden Plant Bed

tropical garden design

You’re going to love this elevated garden bed. It’s perfect for people who don’t have a lot of backyard space but still want to enjoy the beauty of a tropical garden while getting the benefits of a functional outdoor patio.

This tropical plant bed will look great if you have a passion for creating gorgeous plantings. You’ll love this tropical bed because it looks beautiful in full bloom and as a filler. You could choose to add lavender or some evergreens to make this bed more of a focal point.

27. Calming Tropical Path

backyard landscaping ideas

The relaxing feeling I get walking this path is indeed a good one. Walking in a tropical forest seems to be a fantastic place, where everything is calm and beautiful.

This unique project makes a statement in your garden, but it is not hard to do. Use random-cut slate stones to make the path. You can leave the edge untreated to make it appear more natural, or you can add some lighting along the walkway.

Adds an attractive, natural look to your backyard, whether you have a small or large space. You can add some shade to your backyard by adding palms and banana trees that create a calm, shaded look to the pathway. You can also add some conifers or evergreens, or shrubs to your lawn.

28. Fabulous Tropical Pool

garden design ideas

One of the best backyards in the tropics has a beautiful water feature that meshes with the rest of the backyard. It would be great to have a beautiful tropical pool in your backyard if you could afford it.

A pool that is part of the natural world is something that a great garden should have. The backyard is even more realistic because the stones are to appear like a cave.

While some flowering shrubs are in stone planters, they add a splash of color. They’re a perfect touch for this tropical backyard.

29. Water Feature with Abundant Greeneries

tropical backyard landscaping

A tropical landscape is often very green, with some natural stones and a few colorful flowers to add some color. The best way to imagine this is as a design concept.

You can choose from various flowers, and it’s easy to grow them yourself in your backyard. Make sure the area you create looks attractive and that it’s the best place to relax.

30. Spectacular Pool with Waterfall

tropical garden design

If you’re willing to go further, adding a pool with a waterfall to your tropical backyard would make this outdoor space more unique. This is a great idea for you and your family to enjoy together.

There is no reason why you should construct a massive waterfall in your pool. Adding a tropical vibe to your backyard can be accomplished with a small and simple one.

You’ll find more than fifty ideas for home improvements here, from straightforward projects to those that are challenging. These ideas will help you make your home a better place to live.

31. Tropical Landscaping Ideas with a Slide

tropical backyard landscaping

Whether you’ve got a giant or small backyard, you can have a fun and exciting backyard for your kids. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just make sure you add a pool that offers lots of fun with a slide and a cave.

If you’re looking to add a few extratropical vibes to your backyard, it’s a good idea to plant some palm trees around the pool. They’ll help add some extra shade and also serve as fun decorations around the pool area.

The summer memory is best experienced outdoors. When you have a space where you can be outside without being disturbed by other people or noise, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer memories with your family and friends.

32. Tropical Backyard with Desert Flair

backyard landscaping ideas

Desert landscaping is often rich in flower and plant life. Whether you want to add plants or cacti or add to the existing greenery, a desert-style landscape is sure to bring your yard to the next level.

This landscape design is perfect for a home with a desert climate. There is a large plant in the middle of the yard. On either side, some Succulents add color and texture. Adding small plants in different shades of white enhances the landscape design.

33. A Collection of Succulents

tropical backyard

You may be familiar with succulents because of their drought-resistant trait. They also can adapt to colder weather, making them a good option for those of you who want less maintenance in your landscape.

There’s nothing quite like a great garden filled with gorgeous flowers, trees, and shrubs. You can design your backyard using this landscaping idea, and when it’s complete, you’ll have a space that makes a statement.

The succulents and flowering shrubs complement each other. They’re both good choices for an indoor landscape, so combine them when designing your outdoor space.

34. The Comfort of Your Home

tropical backyard

A tropical backyard can also provide the comfort of your own home. By incorporating the patio area with your backyard landscape, you can achieve it and have the best of both worlds.

This outdoor sofa is great for those who don’t have the luxury of a large backyard. Make sure you invest in an outdoor couch to make this space everyone’s favorite.

Add a pergola or roof to your patio for a fun new way to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll be able to bring in some hanging plants, and you can also add a pot of small palm trees to hint at a tropical vibe.

35. Simple Tropical Landscape

backyard landscaping ideas

If you’re looking for an easy tropical landscape with a pair of palm trees and a few small shrubs, then this is a great reference for you. It has a beautiful design that is simple and low maintenance.

Gravels are an excellent cover for your garden. Covering the ground in gravel instead of mulch or planting grass over your soil will help your plants get the water and nutrients they need.

36. Wooden Privacy Fence

tropical backyard garden

You can improve the privacy of your backyard using a wooden fence, as well as adding several medium palm trees. You can also enhance the value of your home by adding a swimming pool.

There will be several large stepping stones in your backyard that will welcome you once you open the fence. This fence will then lead you to a relaxing tropical space with a seating area. Many palm trees will surround the room, making it a grand outdoor haven for your family.

37. Bamboo in a Tropical Landscape

backyard landscaping ideas

Tropical landscaping is about more than just creating a nice space to spend time outside. It’s also about the plants, trees, and lawns that you use. Bamboo trees are a great choice for your backyard because they offer a tropical feel without being too large.

There are many types of bamboo trees available out there. It’s up to you to select the ones that suit your overall landscape best. Make sure to include greenery in your overall landscaping design to get a nice, calm, and inviting appearance.

38. Unique Bamboo Planters as an Alternative

tropical garden

Bamboo plants have been known to survive extreme weather and drought conditions. Therefore, it would be good to place them near a window or other place that gets a lot of sunlight. Also, they have long roots, so it would be wise to anchor them deep to the ground.

You’ll need plenty of bamboo poles to make your bamboo rainsticks, which take about two months to grow. Get started by gathering bamboo that’s already growing on the forest floor.

The best type of plants for your bamboo planters are those that will give your backyard landscape a tropical vibe. These plants are perfect for the warmer climate and will look great on your patio or balcony.

39. Bamboo Backdrop and Screen

tropical garden

This is a great way to incorporate bamboo into your yard. Bamboo trees are easy to fill in in your landscape. The tree can provide an exciting backdrop to feature other tropical garden ideas.

There are a few options if you need a privacy screen, and growing bamboo trees is one of them. Bamboo trees are a good choice because they will naturally grow around the fence and enhance the privacy of your backyard oasis.

You can also grow the plant as a decorative garden addition or even in your backyard landscape. It will add a fascinating element.

40. The Charm of Green Varieties

tropical backyard ideas

The perfect tropical landscape is one in which the plants are primarily green. The trees, the bushes, even the grass is all green. It makes a beautiful picture.

Bright, vibrant colors usually portray tropical landscapes. However, this landscape brings something more to the table, as the green color is in many different shades and hues. It also has more than enough space to show off its charm.

Stone pavers enhance the tropical feel of a backyard and provide an excellent backdrop for plants and grass.

41. Rich of Lighting Solutions

backyard garden ideas

If you have enough lighting in the backyard, you can use any lighting you want to make the atmosphere look nicer. As long as you have enough lighting, you can create a dramatic and beautiful atmosphere.

There are lots of options when it comes to lighting, from outdoor lights to post lamps. Combining a fireplace in your backyard with some lighting will improve the ambiance of your space.

If you want to have plants that are easy to care for, you should choose tropical plants because they’re very hardy and resilient plants that need less water and light.

42. Tropical Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Pergola

tropical backyard landscaping

This is a great garden idea for someone who wants to add a pergola and deck to their tropical landscape. A deck presence here adds to the space by allowing you to bring a collection of colorful planters to the space.

A tropical-themed outdoor setting is perfect for a wedding. You can set up an indoor reception if the weather is not conducive to outdoor events. Use hanging plants and coconut trees to create the feel of the tropics.

43. Tropical Landscaping in Small Yard

backyard landscaping ideas

Who says it’s not possible to apply a tropical landscaping concept in a backyard? Bringing a tropical vibe to your small backyard patio is an idea this may inspire you to try.

A small bamboo and banana tree, a few colorful tropical shrubs, and the area around the patio are part of the landscaping.

Finally, you’ve already known some of the best ways to make your tropical backyard come true. Now that you know some of the tropical landscaping ideas for your backyard, you can start planning your new tropical landscape. Enjoy!

Stunning Tropical Backyard Ideas for Your Home

People tend to spend their weekends in different ways. Some prefer going outside and do outdoor activities, while others prefer staying at home to relax. So, for those people who want to enjoy nature in their free time but have no idea about gardening, tropical garden ideas will help them with their garden.

Gardens are great for relaxing and lowering stress levels. Not only are they beautiful, but they also help improve the air quality of your home. One of the best gardens to have is a tropical garden. This garden-style will give your home a different atmosphere.

Plants are not only for decorating the garden, but they can also make your home more beautiful. You should consider what type of plants you want to use before building or creating your tropical garden. The first point to consider is the type of plants.

There are different types of plants that you can use in your garden to make it look tropical. Some are waxflowers, hoyas, banana plants, traveler palms, bird paradise trees that look like a bird’s beak, ferns, papaya trees, and orchids that will make it look marvelous enchanting.

To make your yard look beautiful, you need to choose plants that are the right size and color. You should also consider the water because of the concern about the plant. The leafy plants need more water, as is typical.

If you don’t think about the water source, the plants won’t be able to survive. It is possible to keep the garden green by showering it twice a day. The element water can be found in many tropical gardens, complete with a pond or water fountain.

Whether you’re just starting your tropical garden or you have a beautiful one, you can find lots of tropical garden ideas below to help you create your dream tropical garden!

44. The All Green Tropical Garden

tropical backyard garden

If you want to create a green tropical garden, you must have green leafy plants in it. Put the banana plants inside the garden to make the area look full, and the area is lush. Create the layers with the leaves to bring the green touch.

To make your garden look more attractive, you may want to add some lower plants, such as monstera, to the ground or low level. Moreover, you can also add some lower plants, such as ferns, to create a full look.

With this tropical garden idea, you can add a beautiful lamp under the traveler’s palms and make your home decor look much better.

45. Green Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden ideas

What is the best place for you to enjoy the sunshine while having a good conversation with your mate? If you’re in the garden, your deck, or your backyard, you can build a tropical garden. It’s the best choice for you.

It’s a good idea to grow plants that offer a dark and calm atmosphere. For protection against the sunlight, you can put the traveler’s palms or the banana trees. You can plant the green plants with broad leaves as a ground layer to make them look dense and lush.

Next, you can create simple wooden and concrete benches. Create the cushions separately and attach them to the courts later.

46. Purple Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden ideas

This tropical garden idea will show you how vast your garden can be if you have a green thumb and love the color purple.

When it comes to the design, the middle part of the plant should have the highest height level. There are several plants with different colors, so it depends on your preferences. If you want the lower layer to look more luxurious, you can use a heliotrope.

When choosing a plant for your garden, be sure to consider what plants will complement each other. If you combine the purple plant with another one that is green or yellow, you’ll create a beautiful combination.

47. Simple Tropical Garden Ideas in White Pots

tropical garden ideas

This idea is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of garden space or simply love to try new things in gardening. If you put the tropical plants in the concrete pot, they will make a tropical spot for you in your home.

Put the pots in the corner of the back yard or the front yard. To make the spot look more expansive, you can do the little trick by using the white pot in a different size. Additionally, you can place a wooden panel on the wall to add a subtle and straightforward touch.

48. The East Asia Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden ideas

Bamboo is a valuable plant for many cultures around the world. The Asians, especially the Asians who live in the South and Southeast Asian countries, consider bamboo the sacred plant and the symbol of grace and strength.

Many Asian people plant bamboo around their houses. It’s a good idea to have a tropical garden since you can also recommend planting bamboo. You can choose the Dendrocalamus minor bamboo. It has a smaller size than the common bamboo.

It’s also a perfect house plant for those who live on the top floor of an apartment because it doesn’t require much light and can grow in places that get a little sun.

49. Indoor Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden ideas

You may have already heard about the idea of growing indoor gardens, and many people try their hands at it. With this indoor garden, you can grow plants indoors without worrying about any bad weather. This is because this indoor garden is placed near the balcony or deck, making it easier to maintain.

In case that you want to make a tropical garden, then the pots of plants will be the most appropriate reference. The potted plants, such as the alocasia, have a broadleaf to fill the top or middle layer.

There are plenty of different plants you can use to add interest to your garden. You can choose one that is different in color or one that has different textures. For example, the Ti palm and the zamia palm work well for this purpose.

50. The Backyard Tropical Garden

tropical garden design

One of the best ideas for adding palm trees to your tropical garden is to choose which type of palm tree you want. Different types of palms are famous for putting in tropical gardens, and one thing you should consider is which type of palm tree you want.

To create the perfect tropical garden, you need to select the right plants. Two types of palm trees are available, the Chamaerops and Dypsis palms. Both of them are easy to buy and can be easily put in a pot.

If you have a small yard, consider planting palm trees in it. A palm tree is a tropical tree that is also used for landscaping purposes. A variety of other types of plants can be added to your yard, including orchids and ferns.

51. The Wet Rainforest Style

tropical garden

Rain forests are one of the most exciting and attractive tropical gardens you can try at home. All you need to create it is to put the taller and lower plants together.

This combination is fascinating. In addition, you can combine it with a wooden deck or floor to make it look wet. Also, you can add colorful plants to make it look fabulous and less mysterious.

52. The Intimate Garden

garden design ideas

The tropical house that I visited during my vacation was so nice, and it has a great outdoor space for relaxing. I’d love to have a tropical environment in my garden, and with this idea, I can add more beauty to my yard.

Lanterns are one of the ways you can make the garden appear more intimate. You can also make it look more like a patio or a small deck by putting lanterns on the edges of the pathways.

53. Simple Green Garden Ideas

backyard landscaping ideas

Make your outdoor space more fun and attractive with the best ideas about outdoor design. It is possible to turn your terrace into a tropical garden by creating a small pond.

Then, you should add rocks and stones around the water to make it look natural. Finally, you can change the rest of the area into a small park filled with grass and green plants.

To create a wonderful garden, you must always make sure to build a pathway across the terrace and a little park with a wide natural stone, as well as concrete paths.

54. The Water Lily Garden

tropical backyard ideas

Put some water lilies in your garden to make your garden look more tropical. And adding some low green plants will transform the look of your garden into a cool and refreshing tropical area. You can add palm trees near the pathway to give shade to the whole area.

55. The Natural Style

tropical garden

In tropical countries, you will find that the villagers are building the natural pathway by using the stones they find near their houses. These pathways are made of rocks that are placed nearby and not paved roads.

This tropical landscape is the perfect idea to decorate your backyard. You can place the path of concrete that looks like the path and add colorful plants. You can also add some small corals around the plants.

56. The Woven Tropical Spot

tropical garden design

You do not need a lot of space in your garden or terrace if you have an outdoor patio. You can make your garden or terrace more comfortable by planting ferns or palms trees in the wicker pot. Besides, this type of small garden is straightforward to maintain. You need to spray the water regularly.

57. The Monstera Corner

tropical backyard

You can put some tropical garden ideas in your backyard, like a monstera corner. Many people love the look of a monstera garden, but some might not be so keen on having one of their own at home. This is because monstera has such a strong smell, and they’re a bit messy.

58. The Refreshing Book Corner

tropical backyard garden

Build a mini garden indoors is not an impossible thing. It does not have to be significant. It is possible to build your tropical garden indoors over your bookcase. In contrast to the other tropical garden ideas, which focused on creating a dense and lush look, it is best to focus on growing pots of plants.

As the name suggests, they are ideal for when you don’t have much water, so you can keep them fresh just by spraying them with water occasionally.

59. Simple Hanging Wall Garden

backyard garden ideas

Many people like to create a small tropical garden in the corner of their house. You can use wire panels to make a small space and then hang some pots with green leaves. The best part of this is choosing the plants that will not need a lot of water.

60. Colorful Tropical Wall Garden

tropical garden

Plants are good for making a house look more spacious and bright. You can also use some tropical plants as a decoration for your walls. For a simple and easy solution, you can buy them and put them in the pots. This can give your house a more exciting appearance.

61. The Shady and Mystique Style

tropical backyard

Some people like to make their homes look mysterious and secretive, but this situation is not good for creating a beautiful tropical garden. It’s a bad idea to plant the same or similar plants together or leave some spaces between the plants. Instead, it would help grow some exotic green plants such as bougainvillea, ferns, and palms.

Coral is used to making this wedding bouquet design very colorful. You can use a mixture of different colors or use coral to contrast the coral and the green.

62. The Bright Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden ideas

This tropical garden focus is perfect for the person who likes to have a lush and green garden but wants it to be more visible. Just choose colorful plants or flowery tropical plants, and they will look more vibrant. Plus, make sure not to add any of the grass or bushes.

63. The Tropical Pergola

tropical backyard ideas

This is a beautiful idea! You can decorate your patio with beautiful tropical plants. Then, once you have those plants in place, you can add the larger size lobster claw plant and add them above your pergola to give the room more color.

64. The Tropical Orchid Style

garden design ideas

A green tropical garden can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get a green, natural look by placing various types of orchids in the room. The key is to choose the right plant for your tree and to select a sturdy, wooden tree.

Choose the type of orchid plant and change the pot with a coconut shell. Combine the orchids with the kind of small potted bamboo, and you’ve got yourself a tropical look.

The tropical garden is a perfect outdoor living space for your home. The tropical garden ideas above are helpful and easy to install. You can use the statement above to design your tropical garden in your home.


It’s always wonderful to spend the holidays in Bali or Phuket. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a fortune to get there. Instead of spending money on expensive flights and hotels, bring in the holiday vibes to your home with these tropical backyard ideas.

65. Small Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical backyard ideas

An extraordinary tropical garden can be more than just a large backyard. Even a small backyard can make a beautiful place to get away from the world.

This backyard proves that size does not matter. The pathway is made of gravels that were set down to create a walkway to the door. To make a pathway, put down some palm trees on both sides of the path to make you feel at home.

If you want to create a tropical backyard, you should consider growing as many plants as possible. The more plants you have, the happier the space will be. You’ll also get more benefits from these plants.

66. Romantic Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical backyard ideas

It tends to be romantic in the tropical backyard. It is possible to make it more romantic by choosing the proper lighting. You can see how easy it is to create a romantic scene in this backyard. The candles are powered by batteries and are used to illuminate your steps.

You’ll love this solar torch when you come to the end of the path. It’ll make the traditional entrance look a lot more contemporary and stylish.

67. Tropical Privacy Screen

tropical garden design

After a day at work, you may be tired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the backyard. But what annoys you most is when the neighbors get curious and start asking questions about your activities.

If that’s the case, consider buying a privacy screen. You can choose from different kinds of privacy screens. Instead of making a wooden pallet fence, try growing some tall plants.

A lot of plants can be grown in your yard to create a tropical backdrop. Plants that multiply are ideal for this purpose. The tropical effect can be achieved by fast-growing plants such as bamboo and banana trees.

68. Pool Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical backyard ideas

The palm trees bring holiday vibes to the space, and the swimming pool makes the backyard look like a beach resort. The backyard looks fantastic with the unique fountains in it.

Suppose you don’t want people to see your backyard, plant privacy-friendly plants, such as Chinese Windmill Palms, Banana trees, and boxwood. They will help hide the screen and make it look more dramatic.

69. Fountain Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical backyard ideas

Tropical landscaping is perfect for any home. Water features can help you create the tropical landscape you’ve always wanted to see. If you neglect them, they might not serve any function at all.

This backyard is the perfect spot to relax in the evenings. It has a stunning fountain that’s a focal point. The tiered design adds a bit of height, and the Mexican fan palm gives it a touch of tropical warmth.

70. Add Artificial Colors

backyard garden ideas

If you are planning to add more color to your backyard, you might as well go for tropical plants that have large leaves and few flowers. Orchids, birds of paradise, and other colorful tropical plants will help you achieve your goal. You can also opt for a paint to add instant color to the area.

In this backyard, you can grow a variety of tropical plants. You can plant these in pots or the ground and create a tropical environment to relax the eye. The best part is that you can make this garden more tropical by painting the walls orange, the color of canna.

71. Let the Fish Swim

garden design ideas

Swimming is a fun activity to take part in when you’re feeling stressed. If you live near the water, you could keep a few fish in your backyard. They’ll look great against your tropical landscaping.

This backyard has a pond that looks natural because it was designed to make it look real. Beautiful koi fish swim freely within its turquoise waters. Palm and moss give this pond a lovely look.

72. Modern Patio in a Tropical Backyard

tropical garden design

This backyard will appeal to everyone who wants a modern, rustic, and tropical backyard while still having some touch of tropical flair. It’ll be great for hanging out and great for eating outdoors, too.

This screen is a beautiful addition to your patio. The bamboo screen protects you and your family from the glare of the sun, and you can also use it for sitting down with a friend to relax and have a few beverages.

73. A Place to Lie Down

tropical backyard garden

This tiny little backyard is perfect for anyone who loves to garden or entertain. The pathway has uneven shapes that create a natural feeling.

The pool deck is located between the living room and dining room. This provides plenty of room for sitting, lounging, and relaxing. The pool deck also has a Frangipani tree that offers a bit of shade.

You can use a bamboo privacy fence to create a private outdoor space for your garden. It’s a great way to get the garden look without using a traditional brick or stone fence.

74. A Perfect Nook

tropical backyard garden

It’s a good idea to turn your backyard into a hideaway where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is a need for you to take a break.

It’s a great outdoor space. It features a wooden deck in the weathered finish to add a rustic look to the area. There’s lush greenery like banana trees, ferns, and palm grass around it.

One of the essential things about furniture is that it offers you a comfortable place to sit down while sipping your afternoon tea or just reading a romance.

75. Tropical Backyard Designs With Low Maintenance

tropical garden design

Want to create your tropical backyard in the suburbs? Try opting for this low-maintenance garden. It looks great, and you won’t have to water it like crazy like with traditional gardens.

If you’re interested in saving water, try replacing your lawn with gravel or pebbles. You can also add drought-tolerant plants around your stones, such as aloe and snake plants, to help conserve water.

76. Tropical Backyard with Hot Tub

tropical backyard

Installing a hot tub in your backyard can be a great way to unwind after a hard day. You’ll love the soothing, relaxing feeling as you relax in the bubbly water.

You’ll get a relaxing soak in this gorgeous backyard. It features a small hot tub, which means you can spend a little extra time in the soothing water without having to leave the comfort of your backyard.

Faux stone tiles are perfect for the outdoor space behind the house. They add texture and a natural look to the backyard while perfectly covering the hot tub and retaining wall.

77. Sit around the Fire Pit

tropical garden

It is always good to take a step away from the world of screens and smartphones and turn your garden into a good place to spend the night. It would help if you made it tangible by turning your garden into a haven where you can enjoy the beautiful stars in the sky.

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around a fire pit with friends and family. Instead of lawn chairs, try creating a seating area by laying down a layer of mulch. If you have a pergola in the backyard, consider putting it next to the fire pit for a cozy space to hang out. To make it more magical, add some lanterns or Mason jars as accents.

78. Simple Tropical Backyard Ideas

tropical garden ideas

Creating a gorgeous tropical backyard does not have to be complicated. This backyard is quite simple yet appealing. It features a sleek wooden deck that gives it a little bit of touch of a contemporary look.

If you want a privacy screen in your yard but want it to match your deck, bamboo is the best choice. It’s low maintenance and will provide you with plenty of privacy. Palm and banana trees are classic tropical landscapes, and they create an excellent backdrop.

79. Display Your Orchids

backyard garden ideas

Orchids have always been a wonder for their exquisite colors and tropical feel. You’ll see why they’re such a perfect choice for a home or office.

However, drought-tolerant plants are harder to grow. If you want to grow them, make sure that they have enough water and don’t expose them to the bright, direct sun for a long period. They should be under the trees so that they can get bright, filtered light.

It’s essential to take care of your orchids during a cold snap, which is when the temperature drops. During cold snaps, it’s a good idea to keep them inside until the weather warms up again. If you don’t have a greenhouse, a heated garage will do in a pinch.

80. Classic Jar Fountain

ropical backyard landscaping

Tropical landscapes are never complete without a collection of tiny water features. You might be surprised to know that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have the best-looking water features for your yard. We’ve picked up a few of the most exciting ideas for garden water features in this post.

81. Tropical Flower Bed

backyard landscaping ideas

This is the garden for you if you want something more formal and lovely. With a design that includes all of the plants mentioned above, it’s a great option.

The homeowner has done a great job of landscaping this house. It’s almost too much! The grass is perfectly manicured, the trees are perfectly spaced out, and the flowers are so lovely.

The backyard could use a little more maintenance. A few areas are not being used for flowers or grass, so we need to add some palm trees and ferns to make the space look more tropical.

82. Dress Up the Pathway

backyard landscaping ideas

Backyard landscaping isn’t just about growing grass and flowers anymore. You can add paths to your yard as a way to keep the area clean, and you can create a safe space for kids and pets to enjoy.

This backyard features a beautiful stone walkway with a colorful garden. The natural look comes from the random arrangement of the stones. The pathway is dressed up with banana trees and birds of paradise that guide you to the door.

83. Tropical Backyard with Gazebo and Manicured Lawn

garden design ideas

The best thing about lawns is that they create an inviting, contemporary space for your backyard. They bring a fresh, modern look to the area, and therefore are a great choice for landscaping.

Besides the manicured lawn and the gazebo, this backyard features a porch to create a traditional ambiance. There are three large trees in the front yard, a dumb cane, and a bird of paradise anchoring the front porch well.

84. Surrounded by Banana Trees

garden design ideas

The grass and plantings in this garden are so lush, and you’d never know the wall was there. The banana trees, ferns, and other plants create a dramatic backdrop to the garden.

You don’t have to put in any extra effort to enjoy sitting outside. A built-in bench will allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying the beautiful landscaping.

85. Tropical Garden with Outdoor Dining Room

tropical garden

It’s always fun to have a potluck party in the backyard when the weather is nice. Some guests will come over, so you need to ensure you have a few things ready for them. The best way to impress everyone is to have a tropical garden.

There are many ways to make this backyard a more attractive place for guests. In this article, you will learn how to add some details to this space. You will learn about the costs and benefits of decorating all of the backyard and some things you should avoid.

Choose a spot in the center of your backyard, and add plants such as succulents, yucca, sugar cane, and fountains. Remember to add a large table for your family and friends.

86. Tropical Outdoor Living Room

tropical backyard

The classic patio table and chairs are the ideal places to relax or entertain your guests. The corrugated metal roof provides shelter from the hot sun and the cold wind. It does not block the breeze, allowing you to keep a calm conversation even when it is windy and sunny outside.

This sectional is the ultimate tropical paradise. It’s got everything you need in one place. Whether you want to relax or play, this is your ideal living space. The cushions are plush and comfortable, the furniture is sturdy and durable, and the hanging plants and potted palms will look great in any home.

87. Contemporary Tropical Garden

tropical garden

This clean-lined couch in black and white is the epitome of contemporary style. The dark grey and light grey furnishings blend to give the room a nice, modern look.

Many other plants can enhance the appearance of your yard. Some of these include palms, ferns, and jasmine. These plants are part of the tropical garden and make your yard look more like the tropical rain forest.

It’s a great idea for plants to overlap and climb over one another.

88. Tropical Backyard with Three Seating Areas

tropical backyard

You may have a small backyard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t accommodate a ball. In this small backyard, you can host up to three guests at one time. It includes three different seating areas.

89. Tropical Backyard on a Budget

tropical backyard garden

Small yards are the perfect way to have a beautiful garden. If you want the results you want, you don’t need a lot of space or money. All it takes is the right knowledge and some hard work.

If you’d like to enjoy beautiful flowers in your home but don’t have the space for plants, consider plants that do not require soil. Orchids and bougainvillea are fast-growing plants that will instantly brighten your home. They’re easy to care for and will look great in any room.

90. Incorporate a Hammock

backyard garden ideas

This hammock and beach chair combo is a great investment for your holiday season. You’ll be able to relax and spend time at home while enjoying the beach vibes.

These tropical backyard ideas will show you how to create a beautiful and natural backdrop for your yard. You’ll find plenty of inspiration here to add some tropical touches to your outdoor space.

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