12 Different Types of Garages to Choose From Based on Your Needs

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A garage is a very important part of your home. What kind of garage should you have, and what are the best places to put it? In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of garages and where to put them.

Garage doors have a significant impact on the overall look of your house. If your garage is messy, old, and out of date, you might as well throw that door in the trash. Make your garage attractive and make sure you make the most of your space.

Types of Garages for Different Purposes

types of garages

You will find a garage to be a great place to store your vehicles and other items. A garage is also a place that you need to keep clean and organized.

You keep your car, bikes, and other things in a garage. It’s important that you have a garage. You have to think about the different purposes of the garage when you look for it.

It is more than just storage space, and it is a place where you can keep all your stuff. It is essential that you have the correct types of garages. The best garage for different purposes is what I recommend here.

1. Polyethylene Garage

types of garages

Take your outdoor gear indoors with the help of this garage. It’s made of heavy-duty steel, so it’ll hold up well to even the strongest winds and bad weather. Even if a small hole does form in one spot, you don’t have to worry because our seams are heat welded together for maximum durability.

2. Portico Garage

type of garage

If you want the convenience of a garage without actually having a garage, then the breezeway is for you! A breezeway is a perfect solution. It’s essentially an outdoor covered porch that fits right onto your home.

You can build it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. Some breezeways are simple, while others can enclose your front door and everything else around it.

3. Barn Garage

types garage doors

Barn garages are a great option for homeowners who want the convenience of extra storage space, as well as having an attached garage. The loft provides a lot of room to store your belongings and can be tough to find in some homes with small flooring areas.

4. Garage Workshop

type of garage

If you are constantly being asked where you went and why you aren’t at the office yet, this might be the place for you. A mechanic’s garage is a place that’s perfect for both car repair and vehicle storage. Not only that, but they usually have bay doors that can open up and let you pull your vehicle inside.

5. Detached Garage

types garage doors

The convenience of a garage has never been more effortless. With the ability to match the exterior siding, your home will be unique, and so will your storage space. You can create a garage with character and one that matches its surroundings with the multiple options for finishes.

6. Attached Garage

types garage door

As the population of people who live with their cars grows, more and more people are building garages to house three or more cars. This means that there is a need for more storage space outside of a single home.

There’s more to the trend than just an increase in urban living and suburbanites. They’re building single-family homes on smaller lots now that give room for large storage spaces beneath them as well.

7. Single Bay Garage

types garage door

When you are faced with the decision of what size garage to have built, you might want to consider creating a two-car garage. It’s a big decision, but it might work for you better if you’ve got other things in your life that need extra space like an office or workshop area.

8. Vinyl Plastic Garage

types garage doors

It is possible to have a garage that is both secure and accessible. It’s a mini-storage unit where you can store and maintain your vehicle, but it’s weather-resistant and easy to maintain. It’s perfect for saving space, money and helping the environment.

9. Metal Garage

types garage door

Aluminum roofing is the ideal option for all buildings as it’s easy to maintain and install. It protects your investment from weather and corrosion and gives you a sturdy roof that won’t need repairs for years to come. Get a quote for aluminum roofing today!

The Three Most Common Types of Garages

There are three types garage doors: single-car, double-car, and tandem-car. You’ll need to decide based on your needs which kind of garage is best for your home.

10. Single-car garage

types of garages

This type of garage is made for one car. It is also suitable for a single occupant. It has one door and is best for people who don’t want to change their house or need a smaller space for their vehicle.

11. Double-car garage

types of garages

A double-car garage can have up to two doors, making it suitable for more than one car. A double-car garage is a bit bigger than a single-car garage. The length of the garage can be decided as per the needs.

12. Tandem-car garage

type of garage

A tandem-car garage is ideal if you have multiple vehicles and you need to store them safely and efficiently. It will fit more than one car at a time. Gallery Garage design and flooring have to be considered by the homeowner before the construction begins. This is because the type of material used to create the garage will affect its usability in the future.

Therefore, choosing a garage that will provide longevity and be useful for years to come is necessary.

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