10 Beautiful Vertical Pallet Gardens That Will Truly Inspire You

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Vertical pallet gardens are an easy way to add some greenery to your home. You can grow herbs in your kitchen, flowers in your front yard, and even fruit in your backyard.

In this post, you’ll learn how to start your vertical pallet garden.

What Is a Vertical Pallet Garden?

vertical pallet gardens

A vertical pallet garden is a garden that is planted on a pallet. Pallets are large shipping crates that are usually made of wood. They are a popular gardening choice because they are inexpensive and easy to find.

When you turn a pallet into a planter, you have yourself a functional and attractive garden box.

Wood pallets have plenty of uses. Not only can you use them to build raised beds and vertical gardens, but you can also turn them into home office furniture, storage solutions, and more.

Vertical pallet planters are ideal for small spaces. You can add wheels or legs to them and customize them to fit your space. There are lots of options, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Pallet gardens will make any space look fantastic. They’re just as impressive as those beautiful garden designs that you saw last year. Don’t forget to check out these incredible ideas that you’ve got to see.

1. Vertical Pallet Gardens with Succulents

vertical pallet gardens

In the past, people would throw away wood pallets. Nowadays, there are many creative ways to use them, from making a vertical garden to building a jungle gym for your kids. They can add color and texture to a bland white wall or fence.

This patio was designed with you in mind. It features a floor-to-ceiling wood pallet garden that’s ideal for growing herbs and vegetables. It also accommodates different sized pots made from wood and terracotta.

You can’t go wrong with succulents. They are low-maintenance and will improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Moreover, they will add a ton of character to the garden.

This is a good style of the wall-mounted planter. It’s easy to construct, and it lets the succulents be the stars.

2. Mini Vertical Pallet Garden

vertical pallet garden

This indoor pallet garden is a great way to display plants without needing to spend a fortune on expensive gardening supplies. Plus, you can create a beautiful and functional piece of garden art for your home.

The indoor pallet garden is the star of the show. It is beautiful and colorful, and it attracts attention with its vivid palette. The giant metallic spoon, which I didn’t realize, adds a playful element to the design.

First, find a few pallets and a staple gun. Then, cover the planter’s backside with landscape fabric. Next, make a planter from different kinds of plants. Afterward, hang it on the wall from metallic chains.

3. Make Vertical Garden with Pallets for Herbs

vertical pallet garden

Vertical Pallet gardens are an excellent idea for people who love to cook. The best thing is that they can be constructed entirely out of used pallets. All you need to do is grab some pallets, paint or stain them, and plant herbs.

After you have acquired the wood pallets, you can use them for framing. Next, you can use them in creating built-in pallet boxes. To finish off the design, customize your products with black prints.

Prepare your herbs in planter boxes before the plants are planted. The black prints on the planter boxes prevent you from growing the wrong herbs when in a hurry.

4. Vertical Pallet Flower Garden

vertical pallet garden

This vertical pallet garden is a fantastic feat of engineering. It’s also straightforward to set up. Just stack the plastic containers on top of each other and fill them with soil. Then, plant your herbs in the pots.

This white vertical garden is an excellent choice for someone looking for something that stands out. The black pots and containers pop against the backdrop.

To create the garden, you need to craft the frame first. After that, paint it white. Then, attach planters to the unit securely. Lastly, fill them with loose soil and flowers.

5. Rainbow Vertical Garden Ideas

vertical pallet garden ideas

If you are not into traditional wood pallet gardens, then you should try this fabulous idea. It will surely inspire your creativity.

The first step is to create a nice frame. Then, use the planks to paint vertical stripes. Next, paint the horizontal stripes in rainbow colors. Lastly, hang the pots with the help of metal hangers.

You can’t go wrong with a vertical herb garden. It’s an easy way to add greenery to your home. Plus, the plants don’t take up a ton of room, making them perfect for small spaces.

6. Vertical Pallet Vegetable Garden

vertical pallet gardens

If you don’t have a yard, building a regular vegetable garden is impossible. What if you could grow a vertical vegetable garden that took up no space on the ground?

First, gather some wooden pallets to make the frame. Then, use landscape fabrics as planters. Next, prop up your pallet garden against the wall. Lastly, add the loose soil into grow bags and place the seeds in them.

This vertical garden lets you grow because of its high yields. It also allows you to have fun with the process because of its easy assembly.

You don’t need a lot of space to grow vegetables in your garden. A wooden pallet vegetable garden takes up very little space and can be set up almost anywhere. Plus, you can get creative and make your pallet garden stand out.

7. Tin Can Vertical Pallet Garden

vertical pallet gardens

This is one of the gorgeous vertical pallet gardens we’ve ever seen. It’s not only beautiful, but it also brings your home decor to an incredible level.

That pallet garden looks excellent. It also saves money, and it doesn’t require any equipment. Moreover, it only uses spray paint, metal hooks, nails, tin cans, and pallets.

First, you need to collect some pallets. Then, it would help if you sanded them and put them back together. Finally, you can use them to construct a frame.

To make your frame, paint it black. Next, spray paint the formula tins silver. Then, use hooks to attach them to it. Finally, hang your Pallet Garden on the wall.

The cans are the perfect planters for plants indoors. They complement the black background nicely, and the pieces contrast with it beautifully. The contrast provides a striking visual element.

8. Feet Vertical Pallet Garden

vertical pallet garden

Vertical gardens are a great idea. When you’re thinking about the design, you should avoid units too similar to what you have now. Additionally, you should search for devices that are adaptable and can be changed to your specific demands.

If you can’t bear to throw away old pallets, here’s a creative way to reuse them. Prepare the pallet garden by adding cute “feet” to the bottom of it. The wood that is used to make the feet is the same used for the pallets themselves.

The garden pot stand is perfect. It’s simple yet elegant, and it’s built to last. Its flat feet are also very stable. Its shelves or pockets are also perfectly spaced.

Vertical pallet gardens are great for making statements. They’re also great for growing herbs and vegetables. They’re also a great way to make a statement in your yard. The garden is an entirely different look, and it’s easy to decorate, too.

9. Modern Pallet Garden

vertical pallet garden

If you want an outdoor patio, then consider this garden design. It’s one of the most trendy pallet gardens you can find. It’s also one of the coolest home décor pieces that will give your home that unique touch.

As a vertical garden, this garden project is made from wood pallets. It is budget-friendly because you can find them for free. This garden adds a lot of visual interest to a patio.

This pallet garden is a lot more than just a bunch of wood. It’s eight planter boxes that securely hold herbs and ornamental plants. The pallet garden takes up very little space on your patio, so it blends right in with your outdoor décor.

10. Vertical Pallet Garden with Tiers

vertical pallet gardens

Do you have extra pallets? If so, then build a fantastic tiered gardening box unit. It’ll cost next to nothing, and it’ll look spectacular.

This self-standing garden box is a great step toward a smart garden. It’s a trend that will never go out of style and a fantastic way to show off your gardening prowess.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t consider pallets as junk. Furthermore, they should not be left just unused. Just steal the idea and create a small and stunning vertical garden.

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