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21 Brilliant Wooded Backyard Ideas to Relax and Refresh

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Now that you have a home in a wooded area, some existing trees and shrubs may need a little bit more care. In this new era of homeownership, some wooded backyard ideas are probably necessary to help you decide what to do next with your outdoor area.

Creating a beautiful landscape does not have to be complicated. Most trees and shrubs will do just fine if you know what you are doing. They can be attractive even if they aren’t in perfect condition. If you know how to take advantage of this fact, landscaping wooded areas can be less overwhelming.

Before adding anything to your landscape, consider how decorative objects or plants may enhance the existing elements. With a more interesting view, you can make your backyard look more beautiful than before.

Choosing a tree for your landscape can be tricky. Fortunately, there are many options to consider when the time comes. Whether you choose a natural tree or an artificial one, you’ll want to give it the best chance of success by giving it a home that’s specific to its species and requirements.

Although it is a common belief that trees and plants are necessary for the beauty of a forest, it is not entirely true. There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful landscape without trees and plants. As landscaping ideas, there are many things you can do to make your wooded area more exciting and visually appealing.

1. Add vegetation to your yard

wooded backyard ideas

Add color and texture in an outdoor setting by introducing a layer of vegetation. If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop, trees are a must. But tall trees can be challenging to grow in your backyard. For a more natural look, you can also choose plants like shrubs or flowering bushes.

Any way you choose to landscape your backyard, you’ll be happy with the results. The grasses, shrubs, and flowers you plant will pop in color and shape against the backdrop of your yard. Whichever variety you select, you will still experience the feeling of a peaceful outdoor space.

2. Introduce native flowering trees into your garden

wooded backyard ideas

It would be wonderful to have an idea of the wooded landscaping ideas for your yard. You can begin with dogwood and redbud. This wooded backyard features medium dogwood that adds a striking addition to the setting.

The medium dogwood is best planted in a group with other dogwoods. This combination offers a stunning palette of light and dark hues, which contrast beautifully with each other.

3. Get Plenty of Shrubs for your Garden

wooded backyard ideas

When choosing the perfect shrubs for your home, take advantage of the view. Then, repeat low-growing shrubs at the garden border to provide a natural, relaxing impression.

One of the most beautiful landscaping ideas is to have various varieties of shrubs in one backyard. You can even mix succulents with other plant types if you want to keep the maintenance low.

Boxwoods are an excellent choice for landscaping a wooded area. With them, you can care for them without any difficulty. You can also shape them to suit your style too.

4. Bring in a Group of Daffodils to your Room

wooded backyard ideas

Daffodils have made a beautiful garden that adds to the wooded area. They are a fantastic choice for any landscape. Bright yellow is a charming color for a garden and is quite attractive when surrounded by the woodland.

A single plant will never look relatively as healthy as a group of plants. And by planting a few different types of flowers in the same space, you can make it seem like the neighbors have been planting flowers for years.

If you want to get more ambitious, get some wicker baskets and use them to grow your daffodils. After that, put the daffodils in a basket and put the basket on a sculpture or other object that can hold it.

5. Wooded backyard ideas include grass

wooded backyard ideas

If you want to create a beautiful garden, you need to use ground cover plants in your yard. The most common type of ground cover is grasses, which are very useful for creating a beautiful lawn.

However, you need to be aware that most types of grass require a lot of water, and many also need nutrients. Then, weed treatments are another factor to consider when you are landscaping your wooded backyard with grass.

6. Beautiful Wind Chimes for Outdoor use

wooded backyard ideas

Creating wind chimes from existing materials is an excellent idea for people who live in wooded areas. You do not need to purchase a brand new one. You can easily make your own by using branches or other existing objects.

Not only are wind chimes beautiful, but they also create a relaxing sound! In addition to being a wonderful accent to your wooded landscape, wind chimes create a beautiful, calming sound.

7. Take advantage of the wet area

wooded backyard ideas

If you have a wet spot in the backyard, consider planting a few flowering plants that are water-tolerant. You can also use this area to create a water feature. It will be a great addition to your landscaping design significantly because it will add more beauty and interest to the landscape.

Also, adding stones or gravel would be a great idea if you want to give your landscape a more earthy feel. If you have some walking space, this will help you enjoy your garden more.

8. Build a decorative pond in your yard

wooded backyard ideas

Adding a decorative pond to landscaping ideas is good since ponds can be located in areas with many trees. If you want to add fish to your pond, they need clean water. A proper filtration system will help ensure that the water is always clean.

Another critical factor is to keep your pond fresh. You can achieve this goal by installing a filtration system to prevent unwanted pests from entering your water. It will also improve the aesthetic value of your pond within the landscape design.

9. Create a Stunning Little Creek

wooded backyard ideas

You can create a creek in your landscape that will look amazing and add a distinct effect. Even when you cannot use natural materials to make a real creek, you can use rocks to create the same product. This will give your landscape a unique look.

You are looking for a good idea to place in your garden. How about this great idea: You could line up some natural stones and plant some greenery. This would make it look like a natural creek bed.

Furthermore, you can also choose to implement a drainage ditch to prevent erosion and runoff. It is beneficial to slow down the force of water with less frequency. However, you may still wish to use it as a landscape feature.

10. Use cheaper varieties

wooded backyard ideas

Unlike most plants, some of these varieties need less water and will survive for one entire year. But once they exceed their first year, the plants will produce seeds. Now, it’s time to harvest the plants for both their visual appeal and health benefits.

What if you planted a wide variety of mature plants at low prices? You could feature different types of plants every season without incurring too much money. Every season, you could sell something new without emptying your wallet.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gift, cactus plants would be a great choice. They don’t need much water and are pretty versatile. And they come in many different styles to suit your taste and style.

11. Incorporate Wooden Walkway into your design

wooded backyard ideas

When it comes to wooded backyard ideas, you should not overlook the inclusion of a walkway. This feature will make your guests’ and your life easier when visiting the backyard. It can also add visual appeal to the landscape.

A boxwood-lined walkway is a beautiful addition to any garden. It’s also easy to do and requires only a small amount of maintenance. Another great thing about boxwood is its ability to grow in all kinds of soil types so that you can use it in almost any landscape location. Additionally, there are so many different boxwood varieties so that you can find the perfect one for your yard and garden.

12. Look for natural stepping stones

wooded backyard ideas

If you prefer a natural look, consider adding stepping stones in your wooded backyard. You need to get some large, flat rocks to be set on the ground. Then, edge them with boxwood or other kinds of shrubs to emphasize the pathway.

The way you arrange your plants can guide people were to step into the yard. You want to make it clear where they can walk. But you don’t want them to step on the ground directly. This is especially true when the ground is wet because of rain or a sprinkler.

13. Find your perfect patio and firepit

wooded backyard ideas

You need a focal point in your landscape to make your backyard look finished. A focal point is an essential element that makes a yard look better. That’s why adding a focal point is so important.

This patio and fireplace combo offers a comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors. A wooden dining table and chairs allow you to gather around and enjoy the scenery without having to go indoors. This backyard is a perfect space to relax outdoors.

Spending your spare time at work is always fun. However, many trees surround your patio, so you’ll have to spend lots of time looking for your friends. I think you should leave the office and go to this place instead.

14. Use a Small Fountain

wooded backyard ideas

If you’re planning on planting a garden, you should consider decorating it with a small fountain. A small rush will elevate your garden’s appearance and make it more interesting for your visitors.

You can add this small fountain to the wooded backyard. Make sure that the setting is suitable enough for you to add a rush around it. The spray should have a pleasant scent and high water pressure to fill the air with a fresh aroma.

If you’re building a new fountain for your backyard, you could end up spending a lot of money. However, there are some cheaper options out there if you’re willing to do some research. The most inexpensive fountain is one that’s already built. You can find such one in the market at an affordable price.

15. Create an Outdoor Floating Deck

wooded backyard ideas

Instead of creating a spot to get relaxed in your backyard, create a place for relaxation on a floating deck. A floating deck is one of the most practical approaches to develop a favorite spot to get relaxed.

The perfect place to hang out with your family is right by the tree. It’s an ideal spot to gather and share stories on the weekends. All you need is a picnic mat and some snacks, and you’re all set. It would be the best way to spend a sunny day at home.

16. Installing a Bench Around a Tree

wooded backyard ideas

Instead of a desk that floats, you can install this kind of bench around the tree. One of the most creative wooded backyard ideas is having a treehouse. You can build one with your kids, or you can have one in your home.

This tree is a natural focal point in your backyard. It’s encircled by a wooden bench on which you can sit and enjoy the fresh air. The pink flowers will add a splash of color to the green leaves. You can use this tree to read your favorite books or sit back and relax in the backyard.

17. Bringing your chair to the outdoors

wooded backyard ideas

If you do not have a lot of space to put new plants in your yard but are not willing to spend a lot of money on landscaping, you can add a tremendous functional object. You can make your backyard look like this if you only have an old chair.

You can create a space to sit back or put your washed shoes to dry. You don’t have to buy new chairs or buy them. You can use your old chair and bring it around the trees.

18. Landscape Design around the Tree

wooded backyard ideas

If you want to do something with your yard, then use this picture as an example. If you’re going to try something new, go for it. You can always come back to this picture, which will remind you of the effort you put into your backyard and give you some ideas.

You may want to edge your flowerbed with pavers. Doing so will allow you to grow different plants like colorful flowers, filling the space. If you’d like to add some stones or gravel, that’s a perfect idea.

19. A DIY Swing for your backyard

wooded backyard ideas

Having a tree in your backyard to hang your swing can be a great idea. You do not need to buy one from the market. Make your swing with some ropes and a wooden board. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still make a fun tree swing for your children.

A sturdy tree can serve as a swing in your backyard if you want to have fun. Just make sure that the tree won’t snap under the weight of the swing. Consider checking the tree regularly if you plan to hang it for a long time.

If you’re not a DIY person, you can still buy a swing for your kids without building it yourself. Many swings are now available to purchase at affordable prices.

20. Set your dining area in the yard

wooded backyard ideas

One of the best ways to make your dining area more inviting is to have a long, rectangular table, some chairs, and a couch set under a tree. By selecting the furniture in the backyard, you can enjoy the natural shelter of trees.

It is stunning to see the trees at night when it gets dark. That’s why they are here. It’s a good idea to hang some string lights over the patio so that you can have an intimate dinner with your family.

21. Move your living space to an outdoor space

wooded backyard ideas

Aside from setting a dining area outside, you can also move your living space in the outside world. You can bring out your living room furniture and set it up on the porch or patio when the weather is nice.

A few trees surround your outdoor living space, so it’s essential to keep the area shady. It can be difficult for you to relax or even feel calm when surrounded by trees. If you want to use your backyard in the evening, adding a fire pit would be great.

In conclusion, landscaping a wooded backyard will require a proper plan and much time. But when you see the result, you will be amazed! A wooded backyard is a great idea for any homeowner. Choose one of the wooded backyard ideas discussed above, and you will enjoy your new backyard.

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